You Can Make Smoked Cream Cheese, and We’ll Be Snacking on It All Summer

You can serve this smoked cream cheese appetizer with Ritz crackers. It's so easy to make!

Just when you think you’ve heard of every possible food hack in existence, another one pops up like a dandelion. So far, I’ve made spicy pickled garlic, corn ribs and Oreo sushi to snack on, all thanks to TikTok and its ingenious creators. Talk about living in the best timeline.

So why stop the TikTok train when there’s still so much to experience? It’s time to learn your new favorite cheesy summer recipe, and we know you’ll be coming back for more. Smoked cream cheese, here we come!

How to Make Smoked Cream Cheese

It’s super simple and incredibly delicious. This TikTok recipe comes from user @bigksque, and we are ETERNALLY grateful. Cream cheese appetizers are the perfect addition to any potluck or party menu.

First things first, you’ll need a block of cream cheese. An 8-ounce block of Philadelphia cream cheese should be the perfect amount, but you can use whatever you have available. Place your cream cheese on a generous sheet of aluminum foil.

Next, take some olive oil and brush it all over until the entire block is covered. Now it’s time for the spice! @bigksque uses Blazing Star Pork’n Rub and a pecan rub for a little bit of sweet.

After your cream cheese is thoroughly covered, place it in your smoker for around 2-3 hours at about 200 to 250°. It may sound like a long time, but it’s exactly what you need to get your cream cheese that golden, crispy color that will make your mouth water. Serve it up with some crackers, and you’re all set. You’re welcome!

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Here are some other delicious cream cheese recipes to try.

Even More TikTok Recipes

Summer is in full swing, and that means pool parties and get-togethers as far as the eye can see! This vegan bacon recipe and breakfast sandwich hack are perfect for an early morning start while this three-ingredient ice cream is ideal for when the sun starts to shine. Don’t forget the spicy taco pickles for a midday snack, either. Just don’t swim on a full stomach, OK?

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