How to Shred Carrots: 4 Different Techniques for Any Recipe

Updated: Mar. 17, 2024

Thinking of making carrot cake? Before you jump in, learn how to shred carrots. And, no, you don't have to do this tedious work by hand!

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Whether you’re making a fancy vertical carrot cake or a simple version of the classic in a 13×9 pan, all recipes start the same: shredding carrots.

The good news here is that how to shred carrots is totally up to you and what tools you have in your kitchen—and the recipe you’re making (carrot cake isn’t the only dish with carrot shreds!).

We’re certain that no matter what level of kitchen experience you have, you’ve got one of these gadgets or will want to add one to your cart.

How to Shred Carrots with a Box Grater

Woman Grates Fresh Carrots For Cooking Salad Or For Salting Cabbage Natural Background. Vegetarian Food Concept.Getty Images/NATALIA KHIMICH

If you want to shred carrots like Grandma (or just don’t have a kitchen stocked with every gadget under the sun), break out a classic box grater.

To shred carrots with a box grater, start by peeling them; our Test Kitchen loves this Kuhn Rikon peeler. Then shred away on the box grater. You’ll find that the side with the largest holes is the easiest to use and it makes the perfect-sized shreds for all sorts of recipes including carrot muffins and coleslaw.

This method does take the most time, but it uses a gadget you already have at home and builds some muscle!

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How to Shred Carrots with a Food Processor

Carrots Being Diced In A BlenderGetty Images/SusanadelCampoPhoto

If you’ve got a food processor in your kitchen, don’t hesitate to pull it out for this task. All you have to do is peel your carrots, cut off the ends and chop the carrots into chunks a few inches long. Then fit your food processor with the grater disk (this comes in the box of most major food processor models) and pop in the carrots. Pulse until the carrots are perfectly grated.

This whole process of shredding carrots with a food processor will take seconds, which means you can get to stirring up recipes faster.

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How to Shred Carrots with a Mandoline

Slicing Organic Gold Potatoes On A V Blade Mandoline To PrepareGetty Images/arinahabich

We get it: Shredding carrots with a box grater can be pretty time-consuming (and food processors are pricey). If you want a method that’s speedy but won’t break the bank, try a mandoline with a grating surface. Just peel your carrots, cut off the ends and shred away!

This OXO mandoline is especially nice since it comes with different graters, plus a handy container to catch the carrots as you shred.

With a mandoline, you can quickly grate carrots. Just be sure that you use the guard that’s included in the box; mandolines are notoriously sharp. You want to shred carrots, not fingers.

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  • Carrot cakes and other bakes
  • Salads and slaws
  • Stir frys
  • Relish

How to Shred Carrots with a Julienne Peeler

Kitchen Tools In Use, Julienne Slicing A CarrotGetty Images/Enrique Díaz / 7cero

You can also shred carrots with a julienne peeler. This gadget is compact enough to toss in the drawer with your spatulas and won’t break the bank (you can get this OXO model for about $11).

To shred carrots, just use this tiny tool like you would a regular vegetable peeler. As you pull it along the carrot, it’ll create fine, long strips.

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Tools for Shredding Carrots

You know the methods, now it’s time to select the gear that suits your style best.