Carrots Recipes

Need some new ideas for carrots? Whether it’s salads, stir fries, soups, or pastas, find the best ideas for carrot recipes recipes here from Taste of Home.

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    Slow-Cooker Oxtail Soup

    This wonderfully rich slow-cooker oxtail soup will warm your soul and your taste buds. Oxtail stew is a favorite family heirloom recipe. Don’t let the name of this dish turn you off. Oxtail describes the meaty part of the tail of an ox (now commonly cow). The portion is delicious but requires long and slow cooking. —Bobbie Keefer, Byers, Colorado

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    25 Healthy Carrot Recipes That Are Sure to Satisfy

    Tired of plain ole carrots? These healthy carrot recipes are sure to inspire you! Enjoy carrot soups, fries, salads, pasta,...

    How to Make Carrot Cake as Good as Grandma’s

    Filling your house with the sweet smell of freshly baked carrot cake is way easier than you might think.

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    32 Ways to Get More Carrot Cake in Your Life

    It's pretty hard to improve upon classic carrot cake—unless you take that sweet-and-spiced flavor and turn it into cupcakes, cookies,...

    How to Shred Carrots: 4 Different Techniques for Any Recipe

    Thinking of making carrot cake? Before you jump in, learn how to shred carrots. And, no, you don't have to...

    Chipotle Carrot Soup

    1 review

    This vegetarian soup packs big flavor and I love that it is made in just one pot. The cilantro and...

    Air-Fryer Carrots

    2 reviews

    I love roasting carrots to bring out their sweetness. I think thyme really complements the flavor of these air-fryer carrots,...

    Spiced Carrots with Pistachios

    4 reviews

    Satisfy everyone during the holidays with this side that mixes carrots with pistachios and raisins. It's gluten free, vegan and...

    Glazed Marsala Carrots with Hazelnuts

    This makes an elegant side dish for company and is easy enough to make when you want to serve something...

    Spaghetti All’Amatriciana

    Spaghetti All'Amatriciana is a traditional Italian dish that reminds me of my roots. This amatriciana sauce recipe features guanciale (dried...

    How to Make Jamaican Carrot Juice

    Fred Scille, the senior recruiting manager at Taste of Home, explains how to make his family's Jamaican carrot juice. This...

    Glazed Carrots with Green Grapes

    After receiving a slow cooker many years ago and not knowing what to do with the thing, I finally branched...

    Indian Rice and Carrot Pudding

    This Indian carrot pudding recipe is rich in flavor and very easy to prepare. —Daljeet Singh, Coral Springs, Florida

    Orange Rosemary Carrots

    1 review

    Our whole family loves rosemary, and I grow it along with carrots in my garden every year. This is a...

    Cauliflower Stuffing

    This cauliflower stuffing is the vegan substitute you've been looking for. It's perfect for the holidays. —Susan Hein, Burlington, Wisconsin

    Turkey and Root Veggie Sheet-Pan Dinner

    My family loves this turkey sheet-pan dinner. I used ingredients I had on hand, including bacon, which lends a nice...

    Caesar Sheet-Pan Chicken

    In our area we have an abundance of fresh lemons year-round. When I had a few extra on hand, I...

    Matzo Ball Soup

    This traditional matzo ball soup recipe is worth the extra effort. If you prefer, you can add egg noodles instead...

    Mom’s Pickled Carrots

    3 reviews

    My mother is the only other person I've known to make this recipe. In fact, when I take it to...

    Slow-Cooker Minestrone

    5 reviews

    There's nothing quite like the comfort of warm homemade soup, and it's even better when your slow cooker does most...

    Slow-Cooker Citrus Carrots

    3 reviews

    These carrots are yummy and so simple. The recipe is from my mom, who tweaked it a bit to suit...

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    Carrot Ginger Soup

    2 reviews

    This light, flavorful carrot ginger soup is vegan! It's made with pantry staples and comes together in a hurry, yet...

    Pressure-Cooker Beef and Veggie Sloppy Joes

    1 review

    Because I’m always looking for ways to serve my family healthy and delicious food, I started experimenting with my go-to...

    Pressure-Cooker Vegetable Wild Rice Soup

    1 review

    This thick and hearty soup is packed with colorful vegetables. It's wonderful for lunch alongside a healthy salad or a...

    How to Steam Carrots 3 Ways

    Carrots are versatile veggies that add earthy flavor, crunchy texture and vivid color to any dish. Learn how to steam...

    Citrus Peach Carrots

    2 reviews

    The bright flavors of lemon and peach balance the sweet earthiness of carrots
    in this delicious side. —Taste of...

    34 Simple Carrot Recipes That Make It Easy to Eat More Veggies

    Getting enough veggies in your diet has never been so easy (or tasty!).