How to Make the Viral (and Simple!) Frozen Fruit Shaved Ice

Updated: Oct. 18, 2023

This simple recipe for frozen fruit shaved ice is the summer treat we've all been waiting for.

When it’s hot outside, we can never have too many ways to cool down. Especially when it comes to frozen desserts that take mere minutes to make and only call for a couple ingredients! So when TikTok creator @littlefatboyfrankie introduced us to fruit shaved ice in a video that has since gone viral, we welcomed this gorgeous, delicious and simple frozen delight with open arms.

How to Make Real Fruit Shaved Ice

It really couldn’t be easier! Simply freeze chunks of fruit overnight, and then use a Microplane to create the shaved ice effect. If you don’t have a Microplane at home, use a box grater or even the grater attachment for your food processor.

For the best results, take a tip from @blairhorton and make the chunks of fruit on the bigger side so you have something to hold onto as you grate. And work quickly—those smaller shavings will melt if left sitting for too long!

@blairhorton VIRAL PINEAPPLE SHAVED ICE is definitely worth the try! @littlefatboyfrankie made strawberry shaved ice a viral sensation and I had to try it with pineapple. Because I love pineapple, but also because I was nervous about micro planing a smaller fruit 😝😝 As a texture girlie I can tell you that this 1000% hits the spot! Plus it’s truly the easiest thing to make! @littlefatboyfrankie topped his with condensed milk, so I tried it with condensed coconut milk, but it honestly didn’t need it all. Let me know if you try this and what you think! #viraldessert #viralrecipe #viralrecipes #shavedice ♬ original sound – Blair Horton

Once you have the perfect mound of deliciousness, get creative with your toppings. @littlefatboyfrankie topped his strawberry shaved ice with a drizzle of condensed milk. Want a 100% vegan treat? Use coconut condensed milk like @blairhorton. Lots of easy ways to dress up this dessert. Toasted almonds, shredded coconut and mini chocolate chips sound pretty delicious, too.

The Best Fruit for Shaved Ice

Generally speaking, any fruit that can be chopped into larger chunks is best. You’ll want to have something that starts big enough that you can keep your fingertips a safe distance from the shredding. Be sure to choose the biggest strawberries in the bunch! Other fruits that would shave up beautifully are bananas, cantaloupe, mango or pineapple. Or possibly a combo of two or three? Our favorite part about this recipe is all the different flavor possibilities!