Here’s Why You Need a Microplane ASAP

Tackle multiple tasks with a Microplane to make life easier and save on storage space.

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A Microplane is one of the best gadgets a home cook can have in their kitchen. (Just like these products our Test Kitchen cooks can’t live without) But if you’re on the fence about purchasing one (it’s readily available on Amazon), or just want to make the most of the mini grater sitting in your cutlery drawer, we’ve spun up this helpful guide.

What Is a Microplane?

In 1994, a savvy Canadian cook borrowed her husband’s steel woodworking rasp to zest an orange because her box grater was dull, and the rest is history. The best-known brand of mini-graters, Microplane, sports a shaft of surgical stainless steel that has been photo-etched to produce fine, razor sharp edges. These edges dig in to perform better and won’t dull quickly or rust. The steel is attached to an ergonomic handle and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

How Do You Use It?

It’s quick and easy to shred, grate and zest with a Microplane by sliding the item back and forth along the steel shaft, shaving off tiny bits at a time. It sure comes in handy when making my favorite recipe for homemade lemon curd. But, be cautious. The edges of the holes are sharp, so be sure to protect your fingertips and knuckles from scraping.

What Else Can You Use It For?

The most common use for a Microplane is zesting citrus fruit. But its value goes way beyond a few lemons. Check out these great ways to use a Microplane. Some may even surprise you!

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