Broth Bombs Are a Thing, and They Might Be Even Better Than Hot Cocoa Bombs

It's the season of stew, which means we're jumping on the broth bombs bandwagon.

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We’ve been here for every minute of the bomb trend! It started with decadent hot cocoa bombs that melted into chocolaty goodness, continued with tea bombs that turned our cups into works of art and even featured a special appearance by wine bombs that turned our evening drink into a par-TAY.

Now, word has it there’s a new kid on the block. We’re talking, of course, about broth bombs. With winter in full swing and soups and stews bubbling away on the stove, there’s never been a better time for something like this.

What Is a Broth Bomb?

It’s a flavorful blend of spices and herbs that breaks apart when immersed in something hot, but instead of releasing sugar and chocolate, it releases a burst of savory flavor. And yes, they fizz just like bath bombs!

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Andrew Laurent, a former restaurant delivery service owner, created broth bombs when he went plant-based, and was trying to find a way to add flavor to his everyday meals.

With awesome names like Drops of Jupiter (savory sage with a touch of sweetness and a punch of black pepper), Stone Broke Dharma (a hybrid garam masala and curry) and Scarborough Fair (a familiar blend of fragrant herbs perfect for pot pie), these are (pun intended) an explosion of flavor. They’re also nut-free, gluten-free, soy-free, high-protein and vegan, making them perfect for people with food allergies.

How to Use Broth Bombs

Thanks to their plant-based origins, these flavor bombs also tenderize beans, making them perfect for chili (both with meat and without). Of course, you can also throw them into any of these classic stews or soups, or just create your own mix of flavors, veggies and meat with a broth bomb. The sky’s the limit!

We’re not sure we’ll be clearing our spice cabinet for these yet, but we’re definitely considering it. You can buy Broth Bombs on Amazon for $6.99 each or $34.99 for a pack of 8.

Amrita Thakkar
Amrita is a writer, poet and amateur photographer who often ends up applying these skills to her one great love: food. You can find her up at 3 a.m. writing, researching the perfect combo for her next grilled cheese or making a more eco-friendly grocery list.