These Gorgeous ‘Tea Bombs’ May Be Even Better Than Hot Cocoa Bombs

Updated: Jan. 05, 2024

Sorry, hot cocoa bombs, but these beautiful tea bombs are taking over!

While Christmas and New Year’s may have already come and gone, we’ve still got months of winter in store. If you decided to join your friends and family virtually for the holidays, perhaps you decided to enjoy some hot cocoa bombs together to ward away the cold. You know—those amazing little spheres of chocolatey goodness that basically took over our lives near the end of 2020? Yes, those hot cocoa bombs!

Well, it seems they were so popular, people decided to take them to the next level. Introducing tea bombs! They’re pretty much everything you already know but with some flowery (and citrusy) adjustments.

Tea Bombs Are Almost Too Pretty to Drink

If you weren’t able to grab any hot cocoa bombs over the holidays, don’t worry. You can always try making your own and enjoying them whenever you want. Trust me—you won’t regret it! The wondrous thing about these little guys is not only their delicious nature, but also how you interact with them. I can’t help but be fascinated with the melting chocolate that explodes into a flurry of marshmallows.

Now people have taken the fun, interactive aspect of hot cocoa bombs and switched up the bevvie of choice. Now it’s all about that tea, baby!

These colorful, glittery little candy-covered floral masterpieces are the new alternative to their chocolate brethren. They work the exact same way—just pour hot water over the shell and let it work its tea time magic. Some are loose-leaf, and some even contain the flowers themselves. Talk about beautiful!

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That transparent shell of the tea bomb is actually made from isomalt, which is a sugar substitute derived from sugar beet. (But don’t worry, it doesn’t have too much of a taste and won’t overpower the tea flavor.) Isomalt is used to create an almost glass-like effect that pretties up all kinds of desserts. For example—our snowglobe cookies!

How to Make Your Own Tea Bombs

Luckily, learning how to make tea bombs at home isn’t all that hard. All you’ll need is some isomalt, food coloring, a spherical, silicone mold and the tea of your choice. Just melt down your isomalt until it’s a bubbly, clear liquid (warning: this will be extremely hot, so handle with caution), mix in some food coloring, coat two halves of your mold with the mixture, and pop your teabag (or a couple teaspoons of loose-leaf) inside.

Finish your tea bomb the way you would a hot cocoa bomb—wait for the sphere halves to cool, then melt down the edges on a hot pan and stick ’em together. Voila! You’ve made a tea bomb just begging to be cracked open. This is definitely the next great trend of the season, don’t you think?