Meal Prep Ideas & Recipes

From big-batch recipes to genius tips you can take to the grocery store, these meal planning tips will get you through weeknight dinners and beyond.

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Your Low-Cal Meal Plan for April

Sure, April showers bring May flowers, but that doesn't mean you have to be stuck inside with the same-old dinner recipes. Try these cheery, healthy takes instead!

A 7-Day Meal Plan Using Slow Cooker Pot Roast

Start the week by preparing a delicious (and easy!) slow cooker pot roast. Then, turn the leftovers into multiple weeknight...

A 7-Day Meal Plan For St. Patrick’s Day Week

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day all week long by kicking off the week with an Irish stew. Enjoy a traditional corned...

A 7-Day Meal Plan Using a Big Batch of Rice

Start the week by steaming a big batch of rice to portion and serve with Sunday, Monday and Wednesday's dinners.

50+ Meal Prep Recipes for the New Year

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to meal prep more, check out these easy-to-reheat lunch and dinner...

11 Genius Tips for People Who Hate Throwing Away Food

This is how to stop throwing away food—starting right now.

Your Complete Christmas Dinner Planning Guide

A special occasion like Christmas calls for extraordinary food. Whether your gathering is big or small, casual or formal, here's...

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Your Complete Christmas Dinner Planning Guide

Special occasions call for extraordinary food. Whether your gathering is big or small, casual or formal, here's everything you need...

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Your Diabetic-Friendly Meal Plan for January

These cozy cold-weather meals will satisfy everyone in your family.

A 7-Day Meal Plan with Prep-Ahead Soups

As we prepare to enter the busy holiday season, freezer meals come to the rescue. This week, make a few...

A 7-Day Greek Meal Plan

This week, it's all Greek. Enjoy Mediterranean flavors at the dinner table, and maybe even some baklava for dessert!

Your Low-Calorie Meal Plan for October

Looking for something healthy to dig into this fall? Try our low-calorie October meal plan—every recipe is 350 calories or...

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$10 Dinner Meal Plan for October

Saving money on meals doesn't mean you can't have delicious, full-flavored dinners! Try these fall meals on a budget.

A 7-Day School Night Dinner Plan

This week's meal plan is full of quick dinners for the start of a new school year. Start the week...

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Our Best Casseroles for July

We've gathered up our best casserole recipes for your July meal planning. From easy side dish recipes to beat-the-heat...

10 Recipes You Can Make with 10 Ingredients

Simplify your weekly meal plan with these easy dinners and sides—all made with 10 ingredients (plus a few pantry staples).

How to Freeze Soup and Store It Like a Pro

Avoid the heartache of freezer burn and mushy leftovers by learning how to freeze soup.

How to Meal Prep Breakfast Sandwiches for the Week Ahead

Some days you need a good hot breakfast, even in a hurry. These meal-prepped Egg McMuffin copycats make you the...

25 Thanksgiving Cooking Tips Straight from Grandma

Grandma has all the top tips to cook the best Thanksgiving feast ever, from the stuffing to the cranberry sauce.

How to Make a Healthy Weekly Meal Plan

Learn what meal planning is—and how to make your very own healthy weekly meal plan!

10 Great Meal Preps You’ll Actually WANT to Do

Meal preps are more than just a pretty picture—here are some good meal prep ideas you'll want to try...

Your October Meal Plan

Stuck wondering what's for dinner tonight? We've got your back! Here's a month full of delicious, family-friendly mains and sides...

Here’s What the Portion Size of Pasta Actually Looks Like

Forget the measuring cups and spoons—the easiest portioning tool is in the palm of your hand, literally!

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31 Healthy Fall Dinners to Eat Every Night in October

Here's a day-by-day meal plan that includes healthy fall dinners you and your family will love! Healthy never tasted so...

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30-Day Low-Carb Meal Plan

Trying to cut down on carbs? These tasty dinners are for you! This 30-day low-carb meal plan serves up an...

Your September Meal Plan

Take the guesswork out of dinner! We've rounded up dinners + sides that are perfect for September. Think easy meals...

Here’s Your Healthy Meal Plan for September

Eating healthy doesn't mean dinner has to be boring. This healthy meal plan comes with 30 delicious dinners and sides...

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Casserole-a-Day Meal Plan for September

Looking for a quick, easy meal that won't take hours to clean up? This month's meal plan is loaded with...