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Looking for recipes for pie crust? Taste of Home has the best pie crust recipes from real cooks like you, featuring reviews, ratings, how-to videos and tips.

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    How to Make Pie Crust Cookies

    Calling all bakers! Here's how to make pie crust cookies for a light, flaky treat. (Yes, you can use dough scraps.)

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    The Best Premade Pie Crust Options as Chosen by Baking Pros

    Make quick work of your next bake by starting with the best premade pie crust. Here are our pros' top...

    Peach & Blueberry Galette

    6 reviews

    My husband's favorite pie is blueberry, made with fresh-picked northern Ontario blueberries. Adding peaches and a rustic crust creates a...

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    This Ree Drummond Crispy Pie Crust Hack Is Perfect for Cozy Season

    Never suffer through a half-baked crust again.

    How to Make Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie Just As Comforting As the Original

    Don't miss out on this seasonal favorite! Pumpkin pie is easy to make gluten-free, even with a homemade crust.

    How to Make an Oil Pie Crust

    This easy, no-roll oil pie crust is great for both beginner and experienced pie bakers. And because it’s made with...

    How to Make an Almond Flour Pie Crust That’s Keto and Gluten-Free

    Limiting your diet doesn't have to mean giving up treats. This almond flour pie crust recipe is easy and delicious.

    Air-Fryer Cheesecake

    This air-fryer cheesecake is something I've been making and perfecting for years. My daughter insisted it be served...

    How to Make an Apple Pie with a Soft Pretzel Pie Crust

    This soft pretzel pie crust transforms apple pie!

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    How to Make a Classic Pie Crust

    The best pies start with the best crusts. Learn how to make pie crust from scratch using these step-by-step instructions.

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    Easy Key Lime Pie

    8 reviews

    This refreshingly easy Key lime pie is a winner on all counts. It's quick and easy enough to make for...

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    Cookie Butter Pie

    24 reviews

    I tasted Biscoff cookie spread at a grocery store one day, and it was so delicious that I decided to...

    Honey Lemon Meringue Pie

    3 reviews

    My husband especially enjoys this lemon meringue pie recipe with condensed milk. His mother made a similar treat for him...

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    Chocolate Chess Pie

    2 reviews

    This is one of my mother's go-to recipes. It's a yummy spin on classic chocolate chess pie. — Ann Dickens,...

    Mince Pies

    Most people use canned mincemeat, but this is the old-fashioned way to make a mince pie. It's a sweet holiday...

    How to Make Gluten-Free Pie Crust

    Love pie—but don't love gluten? This gluten-free pie crust recipe is what you need for a tender crust every time.

    How to Make Vegan Pie Crust

    This vegan pie crust is made from scratch with four ingredients in 10 minutes! The end result is perfectly flaky,...

    5 No-Stress Secrets to Rolling out Pie Dough

    Rolling out pie dough can be tricky, even with the perfect recipe. Find out how to roll out the best...

    Cast-Iron Cherry-Berry Peach Pie

    I had an overabundant supply of cherries one year, so I adapted several recipes to use them up. I knew...

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    45 Desserts That Start with a Box of Graham Crackers

    They seem so simple, but graham crackers form the base of some of our tastiest desserts. Check out these easy...

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    Beth Howard’s Apple Pie

    2 reviews

    When forced to choose my favorite pie, I go with classic apple. I love the combination of a buttery crust,...

    How to Blind Bake Pie Crust

    Learn how to blind bake pie crust to avoid the dreaded soggy bottom!

    11 Ingredients You Can Turn into a Crumb Crust

    From graham crackers to nuts to ice cream cones, you can make a delicious crumb crust out of just about...

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    How to Make the Perfect Apple Pie Crust

    Nothing's more classic than apple pie! An apple pie crust recipe can be difficult to perfect, but we're here to...

    24 Homemade Pie Crust Recipes

    Grandma knew that the secret to a great-tasting pie started with the crust. These homemade pie crust recipes will teach...

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    Butter, Shortening or Lard? We Found Out Which Makes the Best Pie Crust

    The perfect pie starts with a great pie crust. So what's the best choice for your pie crust recipe: butter,...

    Bourbon Sweet Potato Pie

    1 review

    There is nothing I don't love about this pie! I adore the flavors, and I like that I can sneak...

    Strawberry Crumble Pie

    1 review

    I host an annual pie-making party before Labor Day. We have a pig roast on our farm, but the pies...

    Bluebarb Pie

    14 reviews

    If you're a fan of strawberry-rhubarb pie, you'll want to try this twist on the classic. Here, blueberries provide the...