Sourdough Bread Recipes

Learn how to make a great basic sourdough recipe from scratch. Baking your own artisan sourdough is a good way to expand your bread baking skills.

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Sourdough Bread

6 reviews

This no-knead sourdough bread is delicious. It has a crisp crust and distinctive sourdough flavor from the "starter" yeast mixture you stir up in advance. I was surprised at how easy it is! —Evelyn Gebhardt, Kasilof, Alaska

Honey Wheat Sourdough Bread

2 reviews

We've been enjoying this slightly sweet bread almost daily for more than 10 years. A fellow teacher shared the recipe...

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Savory Party Bread

78 reviews

It's impossible to stop nibbling on warm pieces of this cheesy, oniony bread. The sliced loaf fans out for a...

Sage & Gruyere Sourdough Bread

1 review

A sourdough starter gives loaves extra flavor and helps the rising process. This bread, with sage and Gruyere cheese, comes...

Cranberry Sourdough Coffee Cake

1 review

This is an adaptation of a friendship bread. The original recipe called for raisins, but I started using cranberries to...

Sourdough English Muffins

3 reviews

This recipe was a winner in a local newspaper contest years ago and has become a family favorite. The muffins...

Sourdough Ham Crescent Rolls

2 reviews

These eye-appealing crescent rolls are loaded with ham and hard-cooked eggs. They're a terrific main course for a ladies' luncheon.

Country Crust Sourdough Bread

7 reviews

For many years, I've been making 45 loaves of this bread for an annual Christmas bazaar, where we feed bread...

Sourdough French Bread

27 reviews

Since receiving the recipe for the Sourdough Starter, I've made this French bread countless times. In fact, one year I...

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Sourdough Starter

8 reviews

Many years ago, I received this recipe and some starter from a good friend. I use it to make my...

Golden Sourdough Biscuits

8 reviews

I got this recipe from a friend when we were exchanging sourdough recipes a few years ago. These soft sourdough...