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It’s time to celebrate! Get inspired to go above-and-beyond with our special recipes for holidays and events that take you from appetizers to dessert.

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Air-Fryer Meat Loaf

3 reviews

If you're looking for a hearty meal perfect for two, then look no further. This air-fryer meat loaf cooks quickly. Plus, it's easy to double for sandwiches the next day. —Michelle Beran, Claflin, Kansas

Southern-Style Meat Loaf

1 review

When my husband and I moved to the South, we discovered our love for pimiento cheese! Its addition lends flair...

Jerk-Seasoned Meat Loaves

1 review

I wanted meat loaf but also something unique, so I decided to spice up my usual recipe by using Jamaican...

Taco Turkey Meat Loaf

2 reviews

After buying a supersized package of ground turkey, I made this spicy taco turkey meat loaf using what I had...

Peppered Meat Loaf

I came up with this easy dinner one day while experimenting in the kitchen. Everyone who tries it, loves it!...

Stuffed Meat Loaf Slices

This is a family favorite requested for special occasions. We received it from a fellow faculty member when my husband...

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Asian-Style Meat Loaves

Here's a family-friendly meat loaf with just a hint of Asian flair. Serve it with pea pods or steamed baby...

Slow-Cooked Meat Loaf for 2

2 reviews

“My husband and I both work late, so it’s great to come home to this classic dish with mashed potatoes...

Basic Meat Loaf

5 reviews

Since I can't have much salt, I've come up with a recipe for easy meatloaf that is really tasty without...

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Flavorful Cranberry Meat Loaf

A tangy cranberry sauce---with the interesting ingredient of sauerkraut---gives this meat loaf a holiday flavor. My mother and I have...

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Sunday Meat Loaf

I try to make special foods for my family. So I add this and that to recipes to create memorable...

15-Minute Microwave Meat Loaf

21 reviews

I combined a few awesome-tasting recipes to create this flavorful microwave meat loaf, which my husband loves. And because it's...

Stovetop Meat Loaves

9 reviews

Who says meat loaf has to bake in the oven for hours? For this convenient recipe, all you need is...

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Italian Pizza Meat Loaf

If you have kids who protest when they hear meat loaf is on the menu, just try keeping them away...

Muffin-Pan Meat Loaves

8 reviews

I used to have a catering business, and my specialty was comfort food. I once needed a gluten-free meat loaf,...

Pot Roast Meat Loaf

23 reviews

If your taste buds call for pot roast but your pocketbook insists on ground beef, here's the perfect solution! You...

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Matthew’s Best Ever Meat Loaf

18 reviews

This is comfort food at its best. Mushrooms, beef stock, tomato paste, Worcestershire and soy sauce help boost the meaty...

A Christmas Story Meat Loaf

12 reviews

I've watched the film “A Christmas Story” so many times since I was a kid. Now I have a family...

Mini Meat Loaves with Chili Sauce

1 review

"This main dish is a favorite for church suppers," comments Janet Hyson of Pasadena, Maryland. The individual meat loaves get...

Easy Breezy Turkey Loaf

6 reviews

If you want a meat loaf that reminds you of home, try this super easy recipe. Your favorite store-bought spaghetti...

Cheese-Filled Meat Loaf

16 reviews

My mother’s cheese-stuffed meat loaf is something special, swirled with a filling of sour cream, cheddar cheese and stuffed olives....

Pepper Jack Meat Loaf

5 reviews

For a simple yet sensational dinner, try this recipe. This is a quick way to put a zesty twist on...

Sassy Salsa Meat Loaves

Here's a twist on classic meat loaf. You can make these loaves ahead, and they’ll last for a few days....

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Layer Cake Meat Loaf

5 reviews

If the kids are always asking to eat dessert first, here's your chance. The moist "cake" layers are really full-flavored...

Meat Loaf Muffins

13 reviews

Serve these tangy meat loaf muffins for dinner or slice them up for a take-along sandwich lunch. They're just as...

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Chicken Loaf with Mushroom Gravy

6 reviews

Try a twist on traditional meat loaf with this chicken loaf that begins in the food processor. Here, ketchup is...

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Easy Microwave Mini Meat Loaves

Tomato sauce drapes this well-seasoned mini loaf. You'll appreciate the convenience of this one.

String Cheese Meat Loaf

8 reviews

My daughter likes the cheese stuffed into this tasty meat loaf made with a blend of ground beef and Italian...

Lentil Loaf

5 reviews

This lentil loaf is so flavorful, you won't miss the meat. And it's packed with fiber and nutrients. —Tracy Fleming,...

Meat Loaf Wellington

9 reviews

My family would rather have this than plain meat loaf. It's a good way to dress up an ordinary dish...

Mom’s Meat Loaf for 2

22 reviews

If you're looking for a hearty meal, just follow Michelle Beran's lead. The Claflin, Kansas cook whips up this delicious...