Restaurant News: Dining & Fast Food

Dining out is as much fun as eating in. We’ve got the scoop on restaurant news from your favorite go-tos (including just when to hit the drive-thru.)

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What Is Taco Bell’s New, Highly-Anticipated Menu Item, the Crispanada?

So far, it looks like this new item is only available at one location, but there are other new menu items too.

You Can Now Get a Chicken and Waffles-Flavored Ice Cream at Baskin Robbins—Here’s...

Just when we thought we'd tasted it all, chicken and waffles ice cream has made its way to us.

Chick-fil-A Just Added a New Sandwich to Its Lineup

This new entree item looks just like the original chicken sandwich—with one key, delicious difference!

Built on Decades of Expertise, Hardee’s® Takes Biscuits to the Next Level

Southern-style biscuits have come a long way since they were first developed from hardtack, a mixture of...

IHOP Is Launching Mini Pancake Cereal and We Can’t Wait to Try It

IHOP has taken the viral 2020 trend of Mini Pancake Cereal to a whole new level

Wendy’s Is Replacing Its Strawberry Frosty with *This* New Flavor Just In Time fo...

Your fave icy dessert is getting a change-up. You can soon taste get a taste of the holidays with Wendy's...

Krispy Kreme Is Selling Mini Pie-Flavored Doughnuts Just In Time for Thanksgiving

Krispy Kreme's new mini Thanksgiving pie doughnuts are a perfect finishing touch to any holiday dinner.

The Best New Fast Food Items of 2022

Chipotle, Taco Bell and Wendy's have all rolled out new fast-food menu items. Here's a closer look!

Dairy Queen’s Red Velvet Blizzard Is Perfect for the Month of Love

The Red Velvet Blizzard is the best treat to share with your favorite person this February.

Dairy Queen Just Added a FROZEN Hot Chocolate to the Menu for the Holidays

This Frozen Hot Chocolate features rich cocoa fudge all wrapped up with some signature DQ soft serve. Yum!

Panera Just Released an All-New Cinnamon Crunch Latte—and We Can’t Wait to Try It

Pumpkin Spice versus Cinnamon Crunch Latte. Which are you choosing?

Dunkin’ Just Dropped Gorgeous New Tumblers, and We Can’t Wait to Get Sippin’

You'll have every eye on you this summer with these new Dunkin' cups.

Dunkin’ Is Now Offering Coconut Milk at Its Stores Across the U.S.

If you're not a fan of almond or oat milk, you might fall in love with the latest plant-based option...

Starbucks Coffee Bombs Are Here, and Yes, You Can Make Them at Home

Your coffee is about to get explosively good.

Taco Bell’s Beefy Potato-Rito Is Back, and It’s Only $1

The Potato-rito is $1 right now. Enough said!

Dunkin’ JUST Added a Brand-New Refresher to Its Menu—and It Tastes Like Summer Va...

I don't often stray away from coffee at Dunkin', but with this new Refresher, I might have to.

Taco Bell Has a BRAND-NEW Freeze That Looks Like Summer in a Cup

If you're craving sun and sea, you'll love the new Taco Bell Freeze.

Dunkin’ Is FINALLY Selling Tumblers—Here’s a Sneak Peek

If you run on Dunkin', head to your nearest store—STAT!

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McDonald’s Just Announced That It’s Bringing Back Hi-C Orange

This is all happening because of McDonald's fans on Twitter!

McDonald’s Is Now Selling Tubs of Melted Cheddar Cheese Perfect for Pairing with ...

All I want for Christmas is....melted McDonald's cheddar cheese!

Starbucks Is Releasing a Brand-New Milk Option in Spring of 2021

Looking for that special ingredient to amp up your go-to latte? Try Starbucks oat milk!

Baskin-Robbins Is Selling a Turkey Ice Cream Cake for Thanksgiving This Year

This Baskin-Robbins turkey ice cream cake looks so much like the real deal!

McDonald’s Is Selling a NEW Doughnut Ball McFlurry Topped with Fudge Drizzle

The Golden Arches have created what might be the most delicious McFlurry yet—complete with four cinnamon doughnut balls.

Starbucks Is Selling the CUTEST Disney Holiday Tumbler Right Now

You know Mickey and Minnie would have their Disney coffee in cups like this every morning!