Starbucks Just Revealed Its Christmas Cups—and Yes, There Are Color-Changing Hot Cups

Updated: Apr. 18, 2024

'Tis the season for Starbucks holiday merch!

Starbucks is gearing up for the holiday season. No, it’s not the Starbucks holiday drinks menu—but Starbucks Christmas cups are coming to town!

Soon, we’ll swap out our Starbucks Halloween cups for all-new Christmas cups and winter tumblers. I’m so ready to sip a secret menu peppermint mocha from my Starbucks holiday cup.

Starbucks Christmas Cups for 2023

Stabucks Holiday Cup Lineup 2 Courtesy Starbucks (4)Courtesy Starbucks (4)

Celebrate 12 days of Christmas with 12 new Starbucks holiday items! You can stuff stockings with the gift of these merry tumblers, cups and mugs:

  • Iridescent Winter White Cold Cups: Nothing says let it snow like dreamy winter wonderland cold cups. This cup is available in three sizes, so grab any one for Starbucks winter secret menu drinks.
  • Poinsettia Red Prism Cold Cups: The glittering red cold cups echo the most festive flower of the holiday season—poinsettias. This is the perfect holiday spirit for plant parents.
  • Geometric Rainbow Glass Mug: This geometric gem is only $16.95. What a steal!
  • Color Changing Hot Cup Set: Yes, it’s what we’ve all been waiting for: color changing hot cups! Watch them transform into a brand-new hue with the help of a steaming Starbucks beverage. The entire set of six is $19.95.
  • Ribbon Tumblers: Unwrap a shiny ribbon tumbler, available in winter blue, rosy red or Grinch green. They’re so pretty!
  • Peppermint Pink Prism Mug: Pair a peppermint mocha with this peppermint pink mug for a spirited holiday treat.
  • Deep Red Pleated Tumbler: This deep red tumbler will match any St. Nick’s stocking.
  • Winter Night Tumbler: I am completely obsessed with this tumbler. I mean, look how elegant that sleek blue is!
  • Iridescent Siren Cold Cup: No, that’s not Mrs. Claus. It’s the iconic Starbucks siren set against a wintry background. BRB, adding it to my cart.
  • Icicle Blue Tumbler: Brrr! This light blue icicle tumbler with a stunning gold siren design is a winter daydream.
  • Glitter Red Cold Cup: If you’re looking for a classic Christmas cup, this is the one. Nothing says Christmas like a bright red cold cup along with a green, white and red straw. Plus, the glitter gives it extra pizzaz.
  • Gradient Winter Blue Water Bottle: This water bottle is so perfect for snow day activities.

I’m immediately adding these Starbucks cups, mugs and tumblers to my holiday list. Either as stocking stuffer for myself or a gift for a fellow caffeine lover, the cups are making it into my cart this holiday season.

When can I get Starbucks Christmas cups?

There isn’t a Christmas cup release date for Starbucks fans to mark down on your calendars yet. But we do know that the holiday cups will be coming to Starbucks stores soon. That being said, keep an eye out for this holiday merch on your next coffee run. You may just catch a glimpse of your next holiday coffee mug!