McDonald’s Halloween McNugget Buddies Are Coming Back This Year as Funko Pop Toys

Updated: Jul. 27, 2023

need McBoo McNugget.

It’s never too early to plan ahead for fall. (You know how it works, pumpkin spice latte fans.) McDonald’s happens to be on the already preparing-for-fall bandwagon, with the leaked return of its Halloween McNugget Buddies!

Like the return of McDonald’s Happy Meal Halloween Buckets last fall, McD’s certainly knows how to play up the nostalgia.

The McNugget Buddies are coming back from the ’90s thanks to a collaboration with Funko Pop, introducing all-new Halloween McNugget toys as a Funko collection. The release also includes a Christmas toy inspired by the McDonald’s character that TikTok can’t get enough of—Grimace!

What Are the McDonald’s McNugget Buddies Toys?

McDonald’s McNugget Buddies toys originally debuted in 1988, and were once a Happy Meal staple. The toys would appear throughout the year, which additionally included special Halloween versions. In costume, no less!

Now, McDonald’s has decided to bring back this blast from the past. According to food news Instagram account @Snackolator, fans can expect to find four new toys dressed up for Halloween, along with a Holiday Grimace.

The four adorable toys wear a variety of costumes—specifically, witch, zombie, ghost and vampire. But the quartet is better known as Witchie McNugget, Mummy McNugget, McBoo McNugget and McNuggula McNugget. McBoo even has a festive black cat in tow!

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Grimace, on the other hand, dons a “festive red and white hat and scarf,” and is prepared to “dig into the most wonderful season of them all.” Too cute!

All of the characters can help “expand your McDonald’s menu” if the figurines are added to your Funko collection. Who doesn’t love nostalgia around the holidays?

When Can I Get Them?

Fans can already pre-order these toys through Gamestop and Amazon for $12.99 per toy. According to Amazon, the items will be released starting September 10. Gamestop says the toys will be released even earlier, on September 8.

Either way, fans should keep an eye out during early September. You’ll want to act fast if you want your hands on one of these toys. I mean, Holiday Grimace is bound to sell out fast!