McDonald’s Happy Meal Halloween Buckets Might Be Coming Back This Year

Updated: Oct. 11, 2022

'90s kids, get ready—the McDonald's Halloween Happy Meal Buckets could be back real soon.

There’s nothing kids love quite as much Halloween food—except maybe when it’s presented in a surprisingly spooky way. However, we firmly believe that you’re never too old for having fun with your food, and apparently McDonald’s agrees, because they’re bringing back the Halloween Happy Meal buckets we loved so much in the ’90s!

Let’s be honest, as much as we love Halloween decor and other grown-up things, we’ll be first in line to grab a Happy Meal served in a spooky pail.

What Are the McDonald’s Happy Meal Buckets?

The McDonald’s Halloween buckets first came out in 1986 and featured a kids’ Happy Meal in an adorable Halloween-themed bucket. The initial rollout featured McPunk’n, McBoo and McGoblin, all of which looked like jack-o’-lanterns with slightly different faces. Then, a couple years later, McDonald’s added a green witch and white ghost design to round out the spooky collection.

These cute buckets were in and out of style until about 2016, at which point they disappeared for good.

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While blogger @markie_devo spilled the news first, McDonald’s has finally confirmed it—the Halloween buckets are making their way back! We were hoping these were real, and with this announcement, we can finally look forward to picking up our very own this spooky season!

When Can I Get Them?

According to McD’s, these pails will be available as soon as October 18, 2022. However, they’ll only be around till October 31, so you’d better get your hands on one ASAP! Plus, McD’s has said these are only available till supplies last, so it’s best to try to get one as soon as they’re out. According to some reports, another recent McD’s offering, the Adult Happy Meal, sold out super fast, so we’re expecting to see the same with the level of excitement around these Halloween Buckets.

Don’t forget to order extra McDonald’s fries with your Happy Meal—they’re scientifically proven to be better than the rest!