McDonald’s Launches New Limited-Edition Grimace Birthday Meal—Complete with a Purple Shake

In true Grimace fashion, the shake is purple, too!

McDonald’s has had its fair share of iconic characters over the years. Of course, there’s the famous Ronald McDonald, the Hamburglar, Officer Big Mac, Mayor McCheese and plenty of others.

Lately, the chain has been bringing characters like the Hamburglar—our favorite pilferer of McDonald’s burgers—back into the mix. This month, the chain will do just that thanks to the celebration of a classic purple character—Grimace. Not to mention, the lovable purple character’s comeback marks a special occasion, too: Grimace’s birthday!

And what’s a birthday without a celebration? That’s why McDonald’s is releasing some goodies to celebrate, including some limited-edition treats!

Pick Up A Limited-Time Grimace Birthday Meal

Grimace Selfie With FriendsCourtesy McDonald's

In honor “of their fuzzy purple bestie,” McDonald’s is releasing a Grimace Birthday Meal. Get ready for a purple shake made with classic vanilla soft serve and a mouthwatering berry-flavor “inspired by Grimace’s iconic color and sweetness.”

Along with this unique shake, fans can pick up either a Big Mac or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets. Both options come with McDonald’s famous fries

How Else Is McDonald’s Celebrating Grimace’s Birthday?

Mcdonalds Grimace Birthday Socks Courtesy McdonaldsCourtesy McDonald's

To keep the celebration going, fans can pick up Grimace-inspired merch, from T-shirts to socks, on McDonald’s website.

Additionally, fans can play an exclusive Grimace video game, featuring other beloved McDonald’s characters, that will be available on desktop and mobile.

Finally, from June 13-14, fans can post on McDonald’s Instagram story while sharing “a picture of their favorite birthday memory,” with the “add yours” sticker to help make a difference. For each picture posted, McDonald’s will donate $5 to Ronald McDonald House Charities and will continue up to $200,000.

When Will These Items Be Available?

Grimace’s birthday celebration kicks off at McDonald’s starting June 12. That means, whether in-person, through the McDonald’s app or drive-thru fans can soon enjoy a Grimace-inspired meal. Although, fans will want to hurry and pick up their purple shake and meal ASAP as all things Grimace are only available while supplies last.

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There’s no better way to celebrate this fan-favorite “timeless bestie.” The meal may just go on our list of some of the most underrated items to order at McDonald’s.

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