12 Recipes Inspired by Bond, James Bond

Updated: Feb. 08, 2024

You already know James Bond enjoys a good martini, but he's also savored delicious meals over the years. Here are the most notable.

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actor Daniel Craig attends the Germany premiere of James Bond 007 movie "Skyfall" at the Theater am Potsdamer Platz on October 30, 2012 in Berlin, Germany
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James Bond has been gracing the silver screen for 57 years, treating us to that signature suit, gravely voice and hilariously repeatable one-liners. He’s well-known for his drink preferences, but we’re here to shine light on some of the more memorable meals from over the years.

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Scrambled Eggs

Here’s your first fun piece of Bond trivia—did you know scrambled eggs is his favorite meal? So much so that author Ian Fleming wrote Bond’s own recipe of choice in his short story “007 in New York.” We think he’d like our super fluffy scrambled eggs.
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Clam Chowder

In A View to a Kill, Bond shares a seafood meal in the Eiffel Tower with a gentleman doomed to death by butterfly (no, seriously). We see the man enjoy a hot bowl of clam chowder before his untimely demise, and honestly we’d like to make Bond a bowl of this Traditional New England Clam Chowder to lift his spirits.

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Vesper and Bond engage in flirty banter at the beginning of Casino Royale. After a particularly sharp exchange, Vesper asks Bond how his lamb was, and he responds, “Skewered. One sympathizes.” We think Bond and Vesper could settle their differences over a plate of these Cranberry-Glazed Lamb Skewers.
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Oysters Rockefeller

As Bond and Tiffany head home for England at the end of Diamonds are Forever, a set of evil henchmen wheel in trays of gourmet food to distract the couple and smuggle in weapons. Thankfully Bond sees past the ruse, but he misses out on a killer plate of oysters—we think he’d enjoy this Oysters Rockefeller recipe (from the comfort of his own, fortified home).

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Like scrambled eggs, Beluga Caviar makes several appearances in the Bond franchise. Notably, in The World is Not Enough, his (sometimes) ally Valentin Zukovski owns a caviar plant. We’d recommend Bond use that caviar to top this these canapes.
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Fried Mushrooms

As Bond dines with the title character from The Man with the Golden Gun, they feast on a plate of fried mushrooms. Maybe the two would have had a more successful time burying the hatchet if they had opted for stuffed mushrooms, like this recipe that incorporates pork sausage and cream cheese.
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Southern-Style Oven-Fried Chicken

I call this America’s best-loved oven-fried chicken. The secret is in the breading, which makes the chicken super moist and flavorful, herby and golden brown. —Elaina Morgan, Rickman, Tennessee
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Shrimp Curry

In Goldfinger, Bond dines with the titular character and enjoys a tense conversation over a serving of shrimp curry. We’d like to enjoy the dish without the maniacal murderer, and we think this recipe for Coconut Curry Shrimp is the answer.
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Grilled Sole

James Bond is excellent at his job—so great, in fact, that he quickly spotted a foreign spy in From Russia with Love because the man ordered red wine with his grilled sole (can you believe the nerve?). Bond enjoyed a nice white wine with his delicious grilled sole, and we’d invite him to pour his favorite glass while trying this recipe for Peppered Sole.
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While guided by Melina through the street markets in For Your Eyes Only, Bond enjoys a fresh fig from a vendor. We think Bond should have bought a bundle and baked this romantic recipe for Grilled Fig and Honey Pizza to share with his guide.

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Sub Sandwich

Bond is a fan of meat-based recipes, but that’s not why we chose this one. There’s a great scene in Goldeneye when Bond holds up a sub while learning about a slew of new trinkets from Q, his tech guy. “Don’t touch that!” Q screams. “That’s my lunch!” We’d share this meatball sub with you any day, Bond.
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La Bombe Surprise

In Diamonds are Forever, as the evil henchmen are describing the meals they’ve brought out, they end with the “piece de resistance”: La Bombe Surprise. Our version of this classic is a Spumoni Baked Alaska, with the surprise being a delectable combination of cherries and pistachios; Bond wasn’t so lucky—his surprise was an actual bomb.