11 Healthy Coffee Recipes That Go Beyond Taking It Black

Updated: Jan. 03, 2024

You don't have to drink your coffee black for it to be healthy!

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Can coffee be healthy… and taste good?

I taught myself to like the taste of black coffee when I was in college. Back then, I was consuming a lot of the stuff and I knew the sugar would add up if I was mixing it into multiple cups a day.

But delicious taste and healthy habits don’t have to be mutually exclusive. There’s a myth that drinking black coffee is the only way to maintain a “healthy” coffee habit, but as it turns out, there are lots of ingredients that you can add to coffee that won’t send your body into a sugar-high.

Intrigued? Whether it’s adding a pinch of cinnamon or swapping your creamer for an alternative, see which of these brew hacks can help you enjoy your morning cup a little more.

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Vanilla Almond Coffee

If drinking it black isn’t your cup of tea—er, coffee—we have two simple add-ins to recommend: almond extract and vanilla. This delicious recipe has only four calories, as it doesn’t require any added sugars. And while the upgrade is simple, it makes a flavorful difference.

Looking for more ways to make your coffee habit healthier? We’ve got you covered.

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Whipped Banana Latte

Believe it or not, you can get a serving of fruit from your morning drink! This decadent whipped banana latte recipe tastes just like a Starbucks Protein-Blended Cold Brew, with half the calories. For an even healthier version, swap the chocolate syrup with cocoa powder and consider using a sugar substitute.

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Bulletproof Coffee

Never heard of bulletproof coffee? It’s basically just coffee with butter and coconut oil, popular because it fits into a ketogenic diet and claims to boost your brain in the morning. Without any added sugars or creams, your coffee will taste less bitter and more smooth.

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Homemade Latte

If your go-to Starbucks order is a latte, opt for a healthier (and cheaper!) version at home! This easy latte recipe is simple enough for coffee beginners but allows you to use any milk. Substitute full-fat for almond milk, skim or whichever milk you prefer! Make sure you know these other dairy-free milk alternatives.

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Cinnamon Mocha Coffee
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Cinnamon Mocha Coffee

Cinnamon mocha with only 2 grams of fat? Sign us up! This simple, wintery recipe combines the rich taste of hot chocolate with freshly-brewed coffee—with a bit of sugar to sweeten things up. (If you’re trying for optimal healthiness, nix the sugar and whipped cream.)

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Honey Spiced Latte
Taste of Home

Honey Spiced Latte

For a fall drink with rich flavor and creamy texture, skip the pumpkin spiced latte and try this honey spiced version. By swapping heavy cream for regular milk, it’s a bit lighter than your typical PSL—but the added sweetness of molasses and honey create an indulgent taste. Here are more homemade coffee creamer recipes.

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Vanilla Coffee Creamer

If you’re still going to use a creamer, try making one yourself instead of going with store-bought. That way, you can customize the sweetness and know exactly what’s inside! We highly recommend this delicious recipe for a vanilla coffee creamer that’s anything but boring.

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Cinnamon Coffee

It’s an age-old barista secret to sprinkle cinnamon on coffee beans before brewing. Why? The added kick of spice will lead to a smoother taste and cut down on the bitterness. Plus, it boosts your metabolism! Next time you’re drinking coffee black, shake a dash of cinnamon—or maybe ginger—over the beans first and taste the difference yourself.

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Iced Skinny Hazelnut Latte

With less than 150 calories, this version of an iced hazelnut latte is far healthier than one you could order in a coffee shop. Why? Instead of full-fat, it uses fat-free milk—but with the rich taste of hazelnut, you won’t taste the difference!

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Pumpkin Spice Coffee

As we said before, cinnamon is a great way to add spice and flavor to coffee without having to add any calories. This pumpkin spice powder combines all the flavors of fall into one convenient mix. It makes a great gift—but it’s also ideal if you’re hoping to start your autumn morning with a healthy, spiced brew. Learn how to make a healthy version of a pumpkin spice latte at home.

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Scandinavian Coffee

There’s one secret ingredient that can take a cup of black coffee from bitter to better… eggs! It might sound crazy, especially because you need to use the shells themselves. Click here to learn more and try this kitchen hack out for yourself.