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10 Easy Dinners Kids Can Help Make

Kick-start your kids' love of cooking with these simple but fun recipes they can help make, from healthy salads to fun pizzas.

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Meals With Some Assembly Required

Meals With Some Assembly Required

While extra steps like rolling up ingredients can feel time-consuming to an adult, they’re a fun way for kids to use their hands. This recipe calls for leftover chicken or turkey, rolled up in tortillas with a little cheese and some spices.

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Slow Cooker Dump DinnersTaste of Home

Slow Cooker Dump Dinners

Simply toss in a few ingredients and turn on the slow cooker! Teaching kids how easy cooking can be sets them up for successfully cooking for themselves (someday!).

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CasserolesTaste of Home


Casseroles are great for getting kids involved with making dinner! They can stir together the ingredients, and help pour them into the baking dish. Sprinkling breadcrumbs or cheese over the top is fun for kids, too!

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Tossed SaladsTaste of Home

Tossed Salads

Tossing a salad using leftover chopped meats and assorted veggies and nuts is fun for kids. They can even customize the salad, adding extra ingredients they love. Plus, getting kids involved in cooking healthy foods makes them more likely to enjoy it.

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Simple SoupsTaste of Home

Simple Soups

The one time you want kids to stir the pot! Ask kids to help with simple prep work, or have them pull apart herbs or grate cheese for topping.

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Beans 'n' RiceTaste of Home

Beans 'n' Rice

A vegetarian staple, beans and rice are a toss-together meal that invites inventive mix-ins. Let kids help whisk the dressing, toss the salad, or prep the veggies.

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Simple Grilled Sandwiches or QuesadillasTaste of Home

Simple Grilled Sandwiches or Quesadillas

As an adult mans the grill, kids can assemble the cold ingredients.

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Easy PastasTaste of Home

Easy Pastas

Again, some assembly is welcome for kids. They can help fill noodles with meat or sprinkle sauce and cheese into a baking dish. Bonus? Have them smear a loaf of bread with butter and garlic salt and bake until toasty and delicious-smelling.

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Everyone wants to top their own portion of a pizza. Set up a few bowls of chopped veggies, cheese and cooked meat and let the family make their own ‘za.

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Fun FoodTaste of Home

Fun Food

If they love eating it, generally they’ll enjoy making it. For pigs in a blanket, rolling up hot dogs in crescent dough is so easy, even young kids can help.

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