Everything Has a Place—Shop Refrigerator Organizing Deals

No fridge is perfect, but these refrigerator organizer deals make it easier to find what you need and get rid of what you don't.

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Organizing your freezer and refrigerator doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Thanks to these refrigerator organizer deals, it’s possible to enjoy a clutter-free fridge for mere dollars! With a few thoughtful changes, you can save time and throw away fewer spoiled vegetables.

Using my keen sales senses, I located the best refrigerator organizer deals for those on a budget. These storage solutions eliminate potential messes by creating dedicated spaces for produce, eggs and soup—all you have to do is maintain your new organization system to reap the benefits for years to come!

Our Top Picks

Mini Bag Sealer

Mini Bag Sealervia merchant

We reviewed this mini bag sealer a while ago, and this TikTok-famous gadget still holds up. Run it across the top of containers like chip bags—the high-heat sealer uses AA batteries to gently melt the two sides together for a tight seal. Pick up a few for 35% off and stash them in your kitchen, car and purse for a quick way to keep half-eaten snacks fresh.

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Banana Saver

Banana Saver Casevia merchant

Like the popular “Guac Lock,” this gadget keeps produce fresh once partially used. Pick up this banana-shaped case for only $3—that’s a savings of 33%—and pop it open. The flexible container perfectly fits bananas for fast and easy snack storage.

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Vacuum Sealer Machine

Food Vacuum Sealervia merchant

A steal at over $20 off, this touch-screen vacuum sealer machine has three modes: normal for most foods, gentle for easily crushed snacks and moist for things like raw steak. Like other vacuum sealers, it quickly pulls the air out of the specially-designed BPA-free bags to keep food fresh for longer and maximize fridge space.

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Herb Storage Container

Herb Storage Containervia merchant

Herb savers are ideal for those who grow their own basil, thyme and rosemary. This herb container, available at a savings of 30%, features a sizable clear window. It’s easy to keep an eye on the condition without opening the container and allowing air inside—pretty clever if you ask us!

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Stackable Produce Saver Bins

Stackable Produce Saver Binsvia merchant

At a discount of 42%, it’s hard to go wrong with these stackable produce savers. These produce keepers come in three different sizes and stack together, which saves tons of space. Unlike built-in crispers, these containers work for meat and fruit since they feature removable and drainable components for easy cleanup.

Silicone lids ensure a tight seal, so produce stays fresher longer.

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Fridge Deodorizers

Fridge Deodorizersvia merchant

Natural bamboo-activated charcoal powers these fridge deodorizers. Food gas is no match for them since the deodorizers purify the air for fewer smells and control humidity for longer-lasting produce. As a bonus, they last up to a year with continued use—simply set them in the sun to recharge them.

At only $20 thanks to a $10 markdown, it’s hard to go wrong. For a cute alternative, check out our review of the Chilly Mama.

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Wire Storage Baskets

Wire Storage Binsvia merchant

Pop containers of bone broth, frozen Brussels sprouts or bags of broccoli into these wire storage baskets for a well-organized freezer. Because they’re made of metal, they won’t crack like acrylic bins, so they’re durable enough for the coldest conditions. Stock up on these for extra storage in the bathroom or linen closet while they’re available at a savings of 36%.

We also found some of the best bathroom hacks for every bathroom size and style. Whether your bathroom is small or simply cluttered, these bathroom storage hacks will save the day!

Reusable Food Storage Bags

Reusable Food Storage Bagsvia merchant

Grab a set of 26 reusable storage bags for work lunches, leftovers and cut-up produce. Unlike traditional plastic ziplock bags, these food-grade PEVA reusable bags resist rips and tears. Three different sizes make it easy to store any quantity of food, and the price is right at $10 off.

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Clear Plastic Egg Holder

Clear Egg Storage Containervia merchant

Get those egg tools ready—this clear plastic egg holder houses up to 14 large eggs. Available at a jaw-dropping savings of 50%, the lidded container protects eggs from accidental bumps and easily wipes down when spills happen. The slender bin tucks away into the lower shelves of your fridge for easy egg storage without the unsightly look of egg cartons.

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Refrigerator Liners

Refrigerator Linersvia merchant

Protect fridge shelves from sticky messes by picking up a pack of $15 refrigerator liners. These liners, marked down from $25, slide under kitchen organizers and food to create a barrier from accidental spills and leaks. Each pack includes 16 vinyl liners in four cheery colors.

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How do I maximize space in my fridge?

Shop refrigerator organizing deals to score glass storage containers and other bins to keep produce, meat and cheese together. Keep an eye on leftover containers and discard them promptly after they’re past their prime. Old leftovers take up more room in the fridge than you may think!

Use devices like Bluapple to extend the life of the items in your fridge and get the most out of grocery shopping.

What should go on the top shelf of the fridge?

Generally, the top shelf is slightly taller than the lower shelves. It’s the perfect place to stash larger containers like juice and milk cartons. Fragile items like bread and eggs are a good choice to put on the top shelf since they’re easily visible.

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