Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning with Cleaning and Organizing Deals

Updated: Dec. 21, 2023

Spring is the ideal time to dust and declutter. Shop cleaning and organizing deals for up to 50% off storage, cleaning agents and tools.

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Somehow, spring has sprung. Whether you’re ready or not, it’s time to dust off your steam mop and make peace with your overstuffed linen closet. Yup—spring cleaning is here. If you’re like me and prefer to put off your household duties until the last minute, where to start may seem overwhelming. Luckily, with all the cleaning and organizing deals available, you’ll enjoy a fresh home in less time and for less cash this year.

The Best Cleaning and Organizing Sales

Our Top Picks

Clean Suite Kit

Clean Suite Kit Ecomm Via (1)via merchant

Eco-friendly products are growing in popularity. Snag 30% off Blueland’s Clean Suite Kit and see what all the fuss is about. Ultra-concentrated cleaning tablets mix with water in the provided reusable containers to eliminate landfill plastic. It’s not just for show—these little tablets effectively blast dirt and grime off of everything from laundry to dishes.

Plus, they stow away easily in drawers and bins. No more bulky detergent bottles littering the closet is a win-win.

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Dyson V15 Detect Absolute

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute Vacuumvia merchant

The Dyson V11 is one of our favorite vacuums, so it’s no surprise that the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute blasts our expectations out of the water. Cordless and powerful, this lightweight stick vacuum eliminates pet hair and household messes, and it’s $100 off. It also includes an arsenal of handy attachments, from pet hair removers to a head with a built-in laser.

The real star of the show isn’t the V15’s exceptional cleaning abilities—that’s to be expected from Dyson. Luxury upgrades that make cleaning a total snap, including laser illumination that identifies dirt and HEPA filtration for allergy-free homes.

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All-Purpose Cleaner Year Supply Bundle

Appliance And Refills Ecomm Via Forceofnatureclean.comvia merchant

Keep a sparkling kitchen throughout 2023 with 40% off Force of Nature’s one-year supply bundle. Apply code WOWCLEAN at checkout. The set comes with 50 capsules that yield 50 bottles of gentle but effective cleaner and sanitizer—that’s enough for a whole year, or even less if you live in a small household.

Each kit includes an electrolyzer appliance that mixes and activates the cleaner. Nothing pumps you up for a cleaning sesh quite like watching your disinfectant potion bubble with ultra-powerful cleaning energy. Pair with a fun kitchen cleaning gadget to make chores less of a bore.

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Hanging Fruit and Storage Organizer

Hanging Fruit Storage Basketsvia merchant

In my house, we have what is called the “blue basket.” If something can’t be found, it’s likely there. While it works fine for us, that unsightly basket is grinding on my nerves a little. Time to swap it out with these hanging fruit and storage baskets, available at a savings of 36% thanks to cleaning and organizing deals from Wayfair.

While they work wonderfully for freeing up counter space and holding fruit, they’re also insanely convenient kitchen organizers for gadgets and hand towels. Plus, with the included hardware, they take only minutes to mount.

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Bissell Crosswave Wet and Dry Vac

Bissell Crosswave Wet And Dry Vacuumvia merchant

Bissel is the place to secure the best pet-friendly vacuums and mops. Their pet hair removers work to yank even the most stubborn stains and tufts out of carpets. That goes doubly so for the Bissell Crosswave. In one swoop, vacuum up debris and scrub deep down into carpet fibers for a fresh-smelling home.

Have hard floors? The Crosswave works there, too. Simply charge it up and enjoy 30 minutes of powerful suction. Use the self-cleaning cycle to clear gunk from the roll when you’re finished, so no dirt ever goes back on your floor. The best part is that you can nab it at a deep discount and save $100.

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Overdoor Organizer

Over The Door Organizervia merchant

Having trouble finding room in your apartment for pantry staples with all those small kitchen appliances? Store them in this overdoor organizer, on sale for 59% off. It’s so easy to install, it’s almost criminal. Simply slide it over any door and voila—instant storage. Because it doesn’t rely on tape or nails to stick, you’ll get your deposit back. That’s a win-win.

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Bespoke Jet Cordless Stick Vacuum

Bespoke Jet Cordless Stick Vacuumvia merchant

“Jet” is right—this cordless stick vacuum from Samsung’s Bespoke line of appliances cleans any room in minutes. Not only is it on a generous $400 markdown, but it also comes in several contemporary colors. Not a fan of getting your hands dirty? The clean station empties the Jet stick dust bin with the simple touch of a button. Just open up your touchless trash can, and you’re done.

The special brush roll is optimized to use on a variety of surfaces, so there’s zero stopping to switch out the brush head. A digital display keeps track of the power level and alerts, so you never have to guess the battery life.

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Hand and Dish Soap Set

Grove Co Hand And Dishsoap Setvia merchant

Enjoy a discount of 30% when you bundle the best hand soap with Grove Co.’s dish soap. This hand and dish soap set includes a reusable glass hand soap dispenser, dish soap dispenser, hand soap refill, dish soap refill and a reusable Euro dish cloth, all in the limited-edition Naturelust colors.

The dishcloth is made out of a cellulose and cotton blend, so it withstands dozens of uses without having to be replaced, unlike paper towels.

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Closet System Reach-In Set

Closet System Reach In Setvia merchant

If you’ve absolutely had it with shoes, hats and umbrellas raining down on you when you open the door to your closet, this closet system is for you. Set up a space for your container store products, clothing and clutter and save $160 in the process. Each closet system includes four closet rods, three center shelves and four drawers.

Whether you have a little or a lot of space, each kit is configurable and adjusts to your closet with the use of special clothing rods.

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Dyson Purifier Humidify and Cool Autoreact

Dyson Air Purifier And Humidifiervia merchant

Not only does the Dyson Humidify and Cool Autoreact purifier improve air quality with a HEPA filter and built-in humidifier, but it also cools and heats any room with a powerful stream of purified, targeted air. Set it out on auto mode and let the purifier take care of the rest.

In auto mode, the machine automatically adjusts airflow and reacts to pollution events. Now that’s one smart air purifier! Snag it while it’s marked down a whopping $200 during these cleaning and organizing deals and enjoy fresh, clean air year-round.

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Bamboo Ziplock Bag Storage Organizer

Bamboo Storage Bag Organizervia merchant

It’s time to recycle those ugly cardboard boxes taking up room in your drawers. If you love the farmhouse look of the Pioneer Woman’s expanding cutlery tray, pair it with this bamboo bag storage while it’s on a deep discount of 27% off. Unlike other organizers, this six-in-one solution includes space for four different bag sizes in addition to foil and plastic.

Don’t struggle with your foil’s built-in serrated edge—simply use the handy cutter slides for perfect portions of aluminum every time.

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Dyson Ball Animal 2

Dyson Ball Animal Vacuumvia merchant

Industrial-strength messes require an industrial-strength solution. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 tackles big pet messes with a tangle-free turbine tool that cuts down on dander. A center ball turning system makes short work of sharp corners, and the active base plate automatically raises and lowers to seal in suction across all floors.

Pair it with our favorite pet stain cleaner for flawlessly clean results. Enjoy a limited-time discount of 40% off when you purchase this pet vacuum today.

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Kitchen Microwave Cart

Kitchen Microwave Cartvia merchant

Calling those with small kitchens! This kitchen microwave cart is the solution you’ve been dreaming of, and it’s available at a savings of $90—that’s 56% off! The three-tier structure of this kitchen cart makes storing appliances and pantry items a breeze. It’s on wheels, but the lockable design allows chefs to halt movement once it’s in position.

To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth—no harsh scrubbing or specialized cleaners are required.

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