What Is a Roomba Cover and Why Do You Need One?

Updated: Nov. 17, 2023

A Roomba cover prevents robot vacuums from scratching baseboards and furniture legs. And some of them are pretty cute, too!

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If you have a Roomba, or another type of robot vacuum, you know just how much of a cleaning lifesaver it can be. There’s no need to carve out time to vacuum. And the days of tripping over a long, clunky cord? Totally over. Let’s face it, robot vacuums are a game-changer.

But what if you could make your Roomba that much better? Enter: Roomba covers. These clever add-on accessories are the best way to keep your floors clean and your baseboards and coffee table legs free from scuffs along the way. And we gotta say, some of them are super cute!

What Is a Roomba Cover?

A Roomba cover is the robotic vacuum accessory you never knew you needed, until now. They’re made to perfectly fit around your Roomba, offering cushion around the edges. They serve as a bumper to prevent any floorboard or furniture scuffs when the Roomba runs into something it shouldn’t. Roomba covers also lessen the noise of robot vacuums hitting the wall.

But the best part? The designs are absolutely adorable! Certainly, there are simple bumper options, but you can also snag a Roomba cover with a little panache. Plus, they fit on other robotic vacuum options such as iRobots or Shark’s robotic vacuum.

Here’s how frequently you should really be vacuuming your home.

Our Favorite Roomba Covers

Bumble Bee Roomba Cover

Bumble Bee Roomba Cover 3via RoboRascals/etsy.com

Dress up your Roomba to buzz around in style. This charming Roomba cover is perfect for any bee-lover. It features the most adorable smile, and it even has wings on the back and antennas on the top. Talk about the cutest way to keep your walls, floorboards and furniture scuff-free! And, it has over 1,000 five-star reviews on Etsy.

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Cat Roomba Cover

Cat Roomba Cover 3via RoboRascals/etsy.com

Have a cat lover in the house? Add one more to the mix. This adorable cat Roomba cover is designed to look like a black and white cat scurrying around the house. How cute is that? It even has a tail in the back to complete the look. If you have actual cats, they’re definitely going to be interested in a lookalike vacuum!

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Roomba Bumpers

Roomba Bumpers 2via amazon.com

While these Roomba bumpers may not be as dressed up as other Roomba covers, they’re certainly functional. Simply wrap the bumpers around the top and bottom of your Roomba to be sure your vacuum isn’t scuffing anything or making loud noises while bumping into furniture and walls along the way. They’re super easy to install and made with rubber, making them incredibly durable. Verified Amazon purchaser Delia says, “My Roomba was leaving black marks on my new white floor trim. These bumpers keep my trim safe and it doesn’t sound as loud when my Roomba bangs into furniture.”

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Rudolph Light-Up Roomba Cover

Rudolph Light Up Roomba Cover 2via RoboRascals/etsy.com

Don’t even THINK about gifting a robot vacuum for the holidays without including this sweet Rudolph Roomba cover. This handmade cover looks just like Rudolph from our favorite cartoon Christmas movie. Yes, his nose even glows red to light the way around your house!

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Ladybug Roomba Cover

Ladybug Roomba Cover 2via RoboRascals/etsy.com

Let this little bug roam your halls and take care of your chores. This cute ladybug Roomba cover is the perfect way to bring luck into your home, all while protecting your furniture and floorboards from unwanted scuffs along the way. Cleaning can be cute!

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