We’re in Love with Le Creuset’s Newest Color Launch—Shop the Elegant Matte Navy Collection

Updated: Feb. 01, 2024

Le Creuset's newest color launch channels deep oceans and icy mountaintops. This Taste of Home shopping expert is stocking up.

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The Le Creuset Matte Navy collection came into my life at just the right time. My husband and I recently rented a cabin near a ski resort in frigid Northern Michigan. The rustic atmosphere of the rental made for a relaxing trip, even though this Sales Editor was too afraid to hit the slopes.

A highlight of my stay was the beautiful Le Creuset Demi tea kettle in agave that we used for our morning brews. Then, I came home to the release of the Le Creuset Matte Navy colorway. I believe in fate, so I couldn’t resist adding a few picks from this striking cookware collection to my cart.

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Find select Le Creuset items at stores like Marshalls on deep discount, or shop their specials section for on-sale finds. Keep an eye out for kitchen sales at stores like Sur la Table for even more savings on this cult-favorite brand. If you’re lucky, you might discover deals on other well-loved brands that Taste of Home editors adore, like Green Pan and HexClad.

Why do people love Le Creuset?

Le Creuset makes some of the prettiest cookware, but that’s not the only reason it’s popular. The French company, founded in Fresnoy-le-Grand in 1925, still crafts all their kitchenware in the same foundry as they did back in the day. Each Le Creuset item comes with a lifetime warranty and is robust enough to pass down over generations.

The brand puts a lot of thought into their kitchenware. They’re one of the most well-known Dutch oven brands and create some of the best-performing cookware on the market. From pie plates (and their signature pie birds) to our favorite Dutch ovens, Le Creuset creations are easy to clean, don’t require seasoning and cook up the tastiest dishes.

The Le Creuset Matte Navy Collection

Le Creuset’s color launches are always big news. Their vintage items originally came in a flaming orange shade that’s still popular today. Since then, we’ve seen a myriad of color launches. Some of our favorites are sea salt and ganache, but Le Creuset carries a surplus of shades to match any kitchen.

The Le Creuset matte navy collection is simply stunning. It includes a bevy of fan-favorite nonstick frying pans and soup-making tools like braisers. A show-stopping matte navy finish envelops each pan, reminiscent of ski slopes and deep ocean adventures. Everything from the release makes the perfect gift for a chef.

Our Top Picks

Round Dutch Oven

Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven In Matte Navyvia merchant

This iconic Dutch oven is a total game-changer. Like most Le Creuset items, it’s crafted from durable enamel that resists chipping and cracking. The included lid fits nicely and tightly, so steam stays where you want it to.

Once your pot roast braises, ergonomic handles and knobs make it easy to lift out of the oven. Pick up a few Dutch oven accessories and start cooking up fried chicken, soups, stews and delicious casseroles.

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Le Creuset Braiser In Matte Navyvia merchant

Tough cuts of meat and hard root vegetables are no match for the Le Creuset braiser. Tenderize beef shoulders and briskets thanks to the domed lid that traps steam to lock in flavor and moisture.

Like a pressure cooker, the versatile shape makes short work of steaming and stewing. There’s enough room on the bottom to fry up eggs and potato croquettes, among tons of other dinner options.

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Signature Skillet

Le Creuset Signature Skillet In Matte Navyvia merchant

Black satin enamel is Le Creuset’s answer to traditional cast iron. It’s what helps the signature skillet sear steaks to perfection without the need for seasoning and heavy maintenance.

The enamel develops a natural patina over many uses, giving Le Creuset pans a naturally nonstick and easy-to-clean surface. It’s 100% dishwasher safe, so cleanup after casseroles has never been simpler.

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Heritage Rectangular Casserole

Le Creuset Heritage Rectangular Casserole In Matte Navyvia merchant

Stoneware is some of the best bakeware on the market. It offers the performance of ceramic cookware while remaining easy to clean like glassware. The Heritage rectangular casserole dish comes with a tight-fitting lid that locks in moisture while baking and makes it easy to transport from oven to table without spills.

To store leftovers, simply stash the stoneware casserole dish in the fridge. It’s that easy!

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Bread Oven

Le Creuset Brean Oven In Matte Navyvia merchant

I’m absolutely in love with the Le Creuset bread oven. If you’re a big bread baker, it’s worth investing in one—the striking shape and cast iron interior promote browning on the bottom while allowing a nice fluffy rise on top. The base detaches to use as a skillet or roaster.

As a bonus, each bread baked in the bread oven gets a charming stamp on the bottom featuring Le Creuset’s name and signature three rings.

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