Our Senior Shopping Editor Says This Coveted Le Creuset Set Is the Best Way Day Find

Updated: Jun. 03, 2024

This set may be dreamy, but you don't want to sleep on it. At 30% off, it's only a matter of time before this Le Creuset collection sells out.

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Wayfair’s Way Day is finally here—and that means huge savings on all the best cookware sets, home decor and cordless vacuums. The anticipated two-day event begins on April 26, and shopping editors are already adding wishlist items to our carts in preparation. While there are hundreds of deals to sift through on the Way Day sale page, I have my eyes fixed firmly on one find: the Le Creuset cast iron set.

What is the Le Creuset cast iron set?

In my opinion, no kitchen is complete without a few trusty pieces of cast iron cookware. No one makes sturdier (or more beautiful) pots and pans than Le Creuset. This five-piece enameled set features a 5.5-quart lidded Dutch oven, a 1.75-quart lidded saucepan and a nine-inch skillet. I’m smitten with the trendy Artichaut colorway, but there are ample options for every kitchen style.

Why I Love It

Le Creuset sales are always worth shopping, especially when the discounts are as high as 30%. Shoppers can’t go wrong with this set—especially since Le Creuset items use heirloom-quality materials. These built-to-last pots and pans sear up the crispiest pan-fried chicken thighs thanks to the stick-free porcelain enamel surface.

Another hallmark of the set is the ease of cleanup. Unlike other cast iron pans, the Le Creuset cast iron set doesn’t require seasoning. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe—talk about low maintenance. Each piece resists dulling, staining, chipping and cracking thanks to durable materials. Because of the ergonomic handles, the pots are easy to move from the cooktop to the oven or table.

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What Reviewers Say

From the matte navy collection to new spring shades, home chefs and cooking newbies alike adore Le Creuset pots and pans. Reviewers praise the longevity and beauty of each piece, with some noting that they purchased the set to replace decades-old Le Creuset pots they inherited from grandparents.

Verified buyer Taylor writes, “Carpe Diem! That’s the thought I have after taking the first bite of breakfast I make each morning for my wife and I. The younger generation, which I am, wasn’t taught to buy quality. The regular trip to Wally World to spend $60 on a set of cookware was a ritual. After a few months, the bottom of the pans are scratched off and warped due to poor quality. Absolutely unusable.

Le Creuset has been delivering heirloom cookware for almost 100 years. This is ultra-high-quality cookware that you do not need to baby. No more chemical burning smells from Chinese manufactured pots and pans. Use on any type of stovetop or even outside over coals. With a lifetime warranty, you will spend less on a nice set of Le Creuset vs. the brick-and-mortar offerings.

Using the financing option offered through Wayfair is a great option as well. After spending $60 on pizza a few nights a week for the family, I was fed up and purchased this five-piece set in the OG Flame color. Shipping was fast! Virtually overnight I turned into Emeril Lagasse. I can’t wait to cook these days.”

Where can I buy the Le Creuset cast iron set?

Le Creuset Cast Iron Three Piece Setvia merchant

As mentioned in our Wayfair shopping guide, Way Day is the Black Friday of spring shopping. While the Le Creuset cast iron set normally retails for over $800, a 30% discount slashes nearly $250 off this versatile assortment of cookware. Hurry, though—certain colors are already sold out, and it won’t be long before they’re all gone.

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