These Le Creuset Cookware Items are Perfect for Easter Dinner (and They’re on Sale!)

Updated: Mar. 27, 2023

It isn't easy to find heirloom-quality cookware for 40% off, but Le Creuset's sale has dozens of deals—including $100 off their new shallow round Dutch oven.

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Being in charge of Easter dinner is often the most honorable—and stressful—part of the holiday for home cooks. The pressure is on to dazzle guests with an array of delicious dishes. Luckily, this pretty cookware brand is coming through in a clutch. The Le Creuset sale page (also known as their specials page) is brimming with vibrant cookware. The discount even applies to their matte navy colorway!

Even better, if you spend $250 today, enjoy a set of free flower bowls with your purchase when you use code FRESHBLOOMS. Fair warning: I didn’t see these bowls in their gorgeous spring collection—they seem to be exclusive gifts only available through the promotion. If you love them, now’s the time to secure your set.

Below are the deals our shopping editors are eyeing. Collectively, we’re saving $600 by shopping the Le Creuset sale—how much will you save?

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Traditional Braiser With Glass Lid Ecomm Lecreuset
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The 10 Best Le Creuset Sale Items

Traditional Braiser with Glass Lid

Those who find inspiration in their favorite outdoor Easter decorations are in for a treat—this traditional braiser comes in a whole swath of beautiful, springy shades. Just check out that cheery yellow! As a bonus, you can snag one of your own at a staggering savings of 40% during the Le Creuset sale.

Aside from its beauty, this braiser offers enough room to broil veggies in a single layer, tenderize tough cuts of meat and create flavorful steamed dishes with the use of the tempered glass lid. Enameled cast iron prevents sticking and evenly distributes heat for a perfect dinner every time.

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Shallow Round Oven Ecomm Via Lecreuset
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Shallow Round Oven

This month’s new kitchen releases bring us finds from Caraway and Our Place, but Le Creuset also has a sleek new pot in their catalog. Enter the shallow round Dutch oven, a smaller version of their well-loved traditional Dutch oven. It’s cute, comes in a variety of lovely shades and is the perfect size for small kitchens and families.

While shorter in stature, this soon-to-be legendary cast iron pot offers the same flexibility in the kitchen thanks to durable enamel that resists chipping. The nonstick, cast iron interior also requires zero seasoning, so it’s ready to use the minute it arrives at your door. Add it to your cart and benefit from a generous markdown of $100 off the list price before it sells out.

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Heritage Three Piece Baking Dish Set Ecomm Via Lecreuset
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Heritage Three-Piece Baking Dish Set

Imagine your Easter spread with these heritage baking dishes, available at a savings of 30%. Guests will marvel at the shiny dishes brimming with bubbling casseroles. Available in an array of colors that complement your Easter lily centerpiece, each set arrives with premium stoneware baking dishes in three different sizes.

Each dish is safe for the freezer, oven, microwave, broiler, dishwasher and even metal utensils, so you can prepare food your way. Storage is easy, too—simply stack them inside one another to maximize cabinet space.

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Bi Material Sauté Spoon Ecomm Via Lecreuset
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Bi-Material Sauté Spoon

This bi-material sauté spoon is one essential kitchen tool you don’t want to skip. The tool sports a flexible silicone tip that conforms to pans, bowls and baking dishes. It’s easy to wipe out every last bit of batter or scramble eggs without damaging any cookware in the process.

A glass-reinforced nylon handle holds its own against aggressive scraping and stuck-on food. There’s no need to splurge—simply add it to your cart and enjoy a $10 discount.

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Traditional Skillet
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Traditional Skillet

Accessorize around your favorite spring wreath when you scoop up this traditional skillet in one of 13 vivid colors. Not only is it a steal at 30% off, but it only gets better with age. Over time, the satin enamel cast iron interior develops a natural patina, enhancing the nonstick properties and eliminating the need to season the pan on arrival.

Use it for anything—it outperforms other pans at searing, sautéing and stir-frying thanks to heat resistance of up to 500°F and lightweight construction. Pull it out of the oven with zero struggle. Bon appétit!

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Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls Ecomm Via Lecreuset
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Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

If you’re struggling to match your adorable cactus measuring spoons with your kitchenware, I have good news. These stainless steel mixing bowls aren’t just durable—they fit with a wide array of different kitchen decor styles. Each set of three bowls includes a lid for each size, so they’re ideal for storing Easter leftovers.

Don’t worry about mixing too hard—the bowls offer a slip-resistant bottom that ensures a stable base. Because they’re made from stainless steel, they resist stains and odors, so they’ll stay in rotation for years to come. Snag them on sale and save $36.

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Signature Cassadou With Glass Lid Ecomm Via Lecreuset
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Signature Cassadou with Glass Lid

There’s nothing better at cooking up the halibut you acquired by shopping seafood delivery deals than this Signature Cassadou, available for 40% off during the Le Creuset sale. The Cassadou’s shape stems from Provencal hunters and the stews they would prepare from the day’s catch, and the deep bottom is ideal for frying, braising and simmering.

With a nonstick enameled surface and an easy-to-grab handle, it’s not hard to see why this is one of Le Creuset’s bestselling items. Each pan is also dishwasher-safe, so cleanup is a breeze.

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Basting Brush
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Basting Brush

Even if you’re ordering Easter dinner this year, it doesn’t hurt to add a little extra honey glaze to your ham with this basting brush. The wooden handle looks sleek and easily fits in your hand for enhanced maneuverability. We love that the conical bristles work like a real bristle brush to distribute liquids evenly.

The best part is the price. Pop one in your cart and enjoy a savings of $6.

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Mini Round Cocotte Ecomm Via Lecreuset
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Mini Round Cocotte

These mini round cocottes are so cute, and they’re the ideal size for dips, desserts and spreads. Or, fill them with ingredients while you’re prepping your Easter feast. Due to the miniature size, recipes bake faster and offer an elegant presentation on the table. Right now these little Dutch ovens are a generous 38% off for the eight-ounce size.

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Signature Stainless Steel Fry Pan Set Ecomm Via Lecreuset
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Signature Stainless Steel Fry Pan Set

Craft a proper prelude to your PassCaken when you pick up this two-piece frying pan set, on sale for $82 off. The best part of using stainless steel pans is the control it offers—they’re extra responsive to heat adjustments and tri-ply for added durability. Inside each pan is an aluminum core that works to regulate temperature for evenly-distributed heat while frying and searing.

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What time of year does Le Creuset go on sale?

Le Creuset sales occur throughout the year. While some of the deepest discounts arrive during shopping holidays like Black Friday, keeping up-to-date with the deals on Le Creuset’s specials page offers a chance to snag heirloom-quality cookware at bargain prices. The deals above won’t last long—shop the sale before these items sell out.

Is it worth paying for Le Creuset?

As folks who appreciate quality cookware that lasts literally decades, we are biased—but yes, Le Creuset is worth the price, especially when you can scoop up items at a deep discount during a Le Creuset sale. Some editors still have heirloom Le Creuset pieces passed down from their grandparents. Nothing speaks to quality quite like a hand-me-down that’s over 50 years old and still performs like new.