These Cactus Measuring Spoons Make Baking a Whole Lot Cuter

Why bake with plain ol' measuring cups when you can have fun with these cactus spoons? Bonus: They double as kitchen decor.

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As a shopping editor and an amateur cook/baker, you can count on me to scour social media for the next big home trend. I’ve reviewed a handful of viral products: The internet’s favorite water bottle, the ever powerful The Pink Stuff, a chic candle warmer lamp—you name it, I’ve probably tested it.

During my most recent deep dive into social media-famous products, I came across the most adorable measuring tool: cactus spoons! Made of porcelain, these measuring tools are painted to resemble cute little cacti in a pot. Each of the cacti (and pot) are actually measuring spoons. Baking just got sweeter, thanks to these beauties.

What are cactus measuring spoons?

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There’s quite a few variations of decorative measuring spoons, and cactus spoons are one of them. These ones, however, nest together to create a faux houseplant, making them the cutest decorative measuring spoons I’ve ever laid eyes on. With measurers for teaspoons, tablespoons and cups, they cover all the basic measuring needs for fun baking and cooking. Plus, they make a fabulous gift for bakers and houseplant enthusiasts!

Keep in mind that they’re probably not the ideal measuring tools for serious bakers, because they don’t offer super-precise measuring. However, who could resist using them in a laid-back recipe or adding sugar to their coffee? If you’re not big on cacti, they come in adorable flower and strawberry designs, too.


  • Measures teaspoons, tablespoons and cups
  • Doubles as kitchen decor
  • Keeps measuring tools within arm’s reach
  • Available in flower and strawberry designs
  • Even the pot is a measuring cup!


  • Not ideal for super-precise measuring
  • Some reviewers mention the cup (aka the pot) measuring tool is best for liquids

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Why I Love Them

I mean, look at them! Every single part of the cactus spoons display is functional. The actual cacti serve as measuring tools for one-fourth teaspoon, one-half teaspoon, 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon, and the pot has measurement markings for one-fourth, one-third, one-half and 1 cup. They work just like regular measuring spoons, minus the fact that it’s a tad difficult to level the ingredients when measuring. I keep mine at my coffee bar station for scooping beans into my grinder and stirring in creamer.  It’s fun little kitchen gadgets like cactus spoons that add joy to everyday tasks. They sit pretty on the counter, too.

But Don’t Take My Word for It!

The results are in, and cactus spoons are officially the cutest measuring tools money can buy. Here’s what other shoppers have to say:

“I love how this makes measuring spoons available in a cute and appealing way,” writes verified Amazon reviewer, Hannah Stein. “You do not have to just lose them in the drawer anymore.”

“Got this as a gift for my best friend and she loved it!” shares five-star reviewer, Monica R. “She’s a huge plant person and decided to get her this instead of another plant. She couldn’t stop smiling. The package was well-packed and nothing came chipped or broken.”

Five-star reviewer, Margherita Martino, adds, “It makes me happy to look at, and it serves a purpose for adding seasonings into what you’re cooking when you’re following a recipe, because you can get the quarter teaspoon and half teaspoons.”

Where to Buy Cactus Spoons

Toh Ecomm Cactus Measuring Spoons Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Find your very own set of cactus spoons on Amazon where they go for around $27. It’s a pretty kitchen find and baking tool all in one, so trust us, that price makes them well worth it. Though baking already exudes pure joy, these little beauties brighten up the counter and lend a helping hand every time a recipe calls for a teaspoon of this or tablespoon of that.

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