Here’s Where to Buy Easter Lilies Online

Updated: Mar. 15, 2023

You can get this Easter staple shipped directly to your door!

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With their silky, trumpet-shaped flowers, Easter lilies are a quintessential image of springtime (as are these adorable bunny succulents!). The notion of the flower as a symbol for resurrection stretches back to the start of Christianity. Now also synonymous with rejuvenation and hope, these flowers usher in springtime’s warmth and new beginnings.

If you’re interested in where to buy an Easter lily, we recommend this cheerfully seasonal plant from Harry & David.

What is an Easter lily?

Easter lilies, or trumpet lilies, can grow up to three feet tall and are exceptionally fragrant. Many have luscious white flowers (some are also pink or yellow) and vibrant green foliage. And that Easter lily that’s decorating your table went on a long journey to get there. Easter lilies originated in the Ryukyu Islands of Japan, but today, most are produced along the Oregon-California border.

This Easter lily comes planted in an adorable bright-blue pot that looks like a picket fence. Charming Easter decoration? Check. An Instagram-worthy addition to your living room? Also check.

Whether you’re thanking a hostess or treating a friend to an adult Easter basket, the flowers make a perfect Easter gift.

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How to Care for an Easter Lily

This seasonal plant it relatively easy to care for. Just don’t be surprised if your Easter lily doesn’t look exactly like the pictures at first. The planter can arrive while the lilies are still buds; this is so that you’ll have the blooms for as long as possible at home. (We recommend enjoying some Easter candy while you wait.)

Lilies love indirect sunlight, and make sure to keep them away from cold air or heaters. The ideal temperature is between 60°F and 68°F. Keep the soil evenly moist, taking care not to overwater and let the soil dry out. Place a dish underneath the pot to catch excess water and get rid of any water that’s pooled to prolong the plant’s life.

Your lily should last for up to two weeks after purchase. You can replant it in the garden after it’s done blooming (just make sure it’s over 50°F outside), and it will bloom again the following year. (Gardeners will also appreciate a bulb-of-the-month club!)

Editor’s note: Cat owners, your kitty is allergic to lilies. Check out other stunning Easter flowers to usher in springtime.

Where to Buy Easter Lilies

Harry And David Easter Lilliesvia merchant

You can buy Easter lilies from Harry & David for $60. Mark the start of spring by filling your home with an Easter lily’s sweet fragrance, striking petals and hopeful spirit.

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