Le Creuset Just Dropped a Pretty Pastel for Springtime Cooking

There's nothing more exciting than a new Le Creuset colorway—see why home cooks are clamoring to get their hands on the new shallot shade.

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Le Creuset Shallot Group in a kitchen shelves settingVIA MERCHANT

Taste of Home shopping editors keep coming back to Le Creuset cookware. Aside from dozens of pretty colors to choose from (I’m looking at you, lavender collection), the French brand has been perfecting cookware for almost 100 years. Heirloom quality, ergonomic handles and an easy-to-clean cast iron interior make their coveted Dutch ovens iconic additions to any kitchen. Hold onto your chef hats, because they also just launched the classiest colorway yet. Allow me to introduce you to Le Creuset shallot.

This warm-weather shade is a creamy, dreamy pink hue that’s muted enough to match tons of kitchen colors. Reminiscent of a rosy latte, the color borrows a sweet and subdued neutral look from its namesake. Pair it with other colors from Le Creuset, or let this subtle splash of spring shine on its own by stocking up on the entire collection.

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Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast Iron 5 Piece Cookware Set In Shallot
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Five-Piece Cookware Set

Can’t decide on a single cookware item from the Le Creuset shallot collection? No worries—the five-piece cookware set has you covered. Cast iron interiors sear up sizzling steaks and crispy hash browns without the need for seasoning. Three best sellers—the signature Dutch oven, skillet and saucepan—work together to tackle dinner without the need for harsh scrubbing afterward.

Get this iconic set from Le Creuset on sale and save $245.

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Le Creuset Heritage Tarte Tatin Dish In Shallot
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Tarte Tatin Dish

Tart baking tools aren’t exactly a dime a dozen—these specialized pans require specific features for the perfect crunchy crust. The Tarte Tatin dish has a shallow construction that’s ideal for tarts, pies, pizzas and frittatas. Inverted handles simplify flipping and the pan works just as well for searing up steaks on the stovetop.

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Le Creuset French Press In Shallot
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French Press

Pots and pans aren’t the only things in Le Creuset’s catalog. A French press is one of the best ways to make a strong cup of coffee. Immerse coarse grounds in water and then press through a mesh sieve for the perfect flavor. This particular French press boasts a premium stoneware construction that retains heat and reduces the risk of breakage. I wish I knew about this find before I shattered my glass French press!

Not sure where to start with this brewing method? We have a handy guide for using a French press.

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Le Creuset Signature Chefs Oven In Shallot
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Chef’s Oven

Save 35% on the signature chef’s oven during a rare markdown. Not only is it one of the prettiest Le Creuset items, but it’s a powerhouse that wears a host of different hats. Simmer, braise, bake and boil seafood and beyond—it’s even oven-safe up to 500°F. Sloped sides and a generous depth offer ample room for soups and casseroles, too.

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Le Creuset Mugs Set Of 4 In Shallot
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Mug Set

Move over, matte navy—this mug set looks absolutely stunning in shallot. Normally priced per cup, snagging this set of four stoneware mugs saves shoppers $20. Not only are these mugs covered in a shiny glaze that’s dishwasher-safe, but they’re also excellent for heat retention. Keep hot drinks steamy while feeling chic at tea time.

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Le Creuset Signature Square Skillet Grill In Shallot
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Square Skillet

If it’s too chilly for the tabletop grill, mimic those sear marks with this square skillet. Black satin enamel on the interior develops a natural patina over time, similar to cast iron. Unlike cast iron, home cooks can skip seasoning prior to use. Trying to limit fat? Two convenient pour spouts on either side allow for drip-free pours.

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Le Creuset Silicone Trivet In Shallot
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Silicone Trivet

New in Le Creuset’s collection, this silicone trivet is a must-have cast iron accessory. Use it to open jars, peel garlic or handle hot dishes. Flexible silicone makes it easy to store this trivet in a drawer, and it’s the ideal size for setting down hot pans.

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Le Creuset Signature Skillet In Shallot
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Signature Skillet

Just like our beloved Lodge cast iron skillet, Le Creuset’s signature skillet features an interior that withstands high heat with ease. Use it to stir fry and sauté season after season thanks to durable, chip-resistant ceramic. We love the lightweight feel that makes this pan accessible for chefs with arthritis.

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Le Creuset Heritage Rectangular Casserole In Shallot
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Rectangular Casserole

Finding a gift for bakers doesn’t have to take hours of searching. This rectangular casserole dish features a tight-fitting lid that locks in heat and prevents moisture loss. Plus, it’s super handy for hauling delicious dishes of southwestern casserole to summertime potlucks.

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Le Creuset Bread Oven In Shallot
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Bread Oven

Bake up delicious savory olive loaves or sweet brioche with the stunning Le Creuset bread oven. This bread-baking essential features the familiar easy-to-clean black enamel interior stamped with the brand’s hallmark three rings. A tight lid circulates heat for a crispy crust, and the distinctive dome shape accommodates rising dough.

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