Caraway’s Collection of Gorgeous Kitchenware Is a Chef’s Dream—and It’s On Major Sale

Updated: Mar. 11, 2024

These ceramic-coated pans pack nonstick qualities and stellar searing power into cookware that's easy on the eyes. Shop the Caraway Cyber sale for major holiday markdowns!

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Caraway's Collection Of Gorgeous Kitchenware Is A Chef's Dream—and It's On Major SaleVIA MERCHANT

Spend and receive a gift card up to $200 with Caraway through March 31. Gift codes are emailed after purchase. Spend $95 for $25, $195 for $50, $395 for $100 and $795 for $200. 

Modern lines, easy-to-grip handles and glossy colors make Caraway cookware a staple for home cooks everywhere. Not only do these durable pans put cheap nonstick to shame according to our extensive testing, but they also draw endless compliments from friends and family. With excellent performance comes expensive prices, but right now these fancy pans, bakeware and accessories are on major markdown.

Late fall is the ideal time to stock the kitchen with upscale cookware without breaking the bank. Hello, Black Friday deals! Stock up for yourself or load Santa’s sleigh and gift Caraway to all your friends and family. There’s no better time to shop!

Snag this long-lasting ceramic cookware today and enjoy years of peak performance.

What is the Caraway Cyber Sale?

Thanks to Black Friday, Caraway is offering one of its biggest sales of the year. Now’s the perfect time to secure this glossy cookware at a deep discount. Offerings in the sale section include tons of bestsellers, including the brand’s classic cookware, mini pans, luxury linens and classy tea kettles.

Plus, the more you buy, the more you save. Snag an extra 10% off orders $85 and up, 15% off orders of $425 or more and 20% off orders of $525+. You can also score a free tea kettle on orders above $975. We’ll drink to that!

Shop fast—the Caraway cookware sale will be over faster than you can say “sugarplum,” and certain shades are already selling out!

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Meal Prep Bundle via merchant

Meal Prep Bundle

Have “master meal prep” on your New Year’s resolution list? The Caraway meal prep bundle—on sale in Classic colors for $512, for a healthy 39% savings—features everything you need to get started. This combo includes the bestselling cookware set and food storage set. Plus, both sets come with storage organizers. Talk about a fresh way to start 2024! 

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Caraway Linen Set Collection Ecomm 2 via merchant

Linens Set

Dinner doesn’t end with cookware. This set of luxe linens comes in three colorways: perracotta, navy and cream. Each includes everything necessary to stock a home cook’s cabinets, from lightweight kitchen towels to a lavishly soft apron. This set makes the perfect present for housewarming—each component lasts through years of use. The best part? Scoop up the whole set for under $122—that’s a savings of over $60!

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Caraway Cookware Set Ecomm via merchant

Cookware Set

The Caraway sale page starts off strong, with the first listing being the cookware set. Containing four pieces of ceramic-coated cookware, this high-performance cookware set is ideal for the budding home chef. Sear, simmer, boil and fry up delicious dishes in any of the 12 pretty pan colors for an Instagram-worthy meal.

Shop today and save up to a whopping $269, depending on the color palette. Classic colors unlock a savings of $189.50, Monochrome hues take off $224.25 and the Iconics collection saves you the most, shaving $269 off your order price.

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Ready, Set, Prep Bundle via merchant

Ready, Set, Prep Bundle

The name on this one says it all. When you combine the prep set, cutting board set and food storage set—all with included storage—you’ll save $437. The ready, set, prep bundle ensures you have everything you need to cook with ease. Talk about a great gift for a college grad or new homeowner!

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Caraway Frypan1 Cream Ecomm via merchant

Fry Pan

Save $13.50 on the black or white Iconics Caraway fry pan, perfect for crisping up crab cakes, pancakes and poultry. Zero “forever chemicals” means no toxins leech into food. Here at Taste of Home, we love a good green option–just look at our review of GreenPan. Like GreenPan, this ceramic frying pan performs just as well as nonstick without the risk of sickness.

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Ultimate Cookware Bundle via merchant

Ultimate Cookware Bundle

ICYMI: Caraway now has stainless steel cookware in addition to their colorful ceramics. The ultimate cookware bundle provides the best of both worlds, ensuring your kitchen is set up with both a ceramic cookware set with storage and a stainless steel cookware set with storage. Save an impressive $518 when you pick up this bundle in a Classics colorway and $558 in an Iconics colorway.

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Caraway Food Storage Set Ecomm via merchant

Food Storage Set

Save a hefty 27% on six Classic shades when you add this food storage set to your cart. These cute kitchen storage containers are crafted from non-toxic ceramic-coated glass, which keeps freshness in and odors out. Each piece from the collection is microwave and oven-safe, provided the inserts and lids aren’t used. Feel free to pop both back on for fridge and freezer storage, of course.

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Saute Pan via merchant

Sauté Pan

Whether in white, black or any of the other soft shades, the sauté pan from Caraway is the true kitchen MVP. Like the internet-famous Always Pan, this ceramic-coated pan prevents food from sticking, so supper cleanup is easier than ever. A wide handle on the lid allows for easy relocation after steaming up veggies, and the shiny gold or silver handle is easy to grip while serving dinner. Snag it today and save a generous $14.50 on Classic colors or $20.50 on the Iconics versions.

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Kitchen Sink Bundle Ecomm Via via merchant

Kitchen Sink Bundle

Caraway enthusiasts, this one’s for you. If you’re craving every. single. item. Caraway offers, this kitchen sink bundle is for you. Yes, it costs over $1,100, but you’ll save $696 by bundling in Classic colors. (Expect to pay a little bit more for items from the Iconics or Monochrome collections.) You’ll enjoy unwrapping a ceramic cookware set with storage, two ceramic minis, an 11-piece bakeware set with storage, a food storage set with organizers and a whistling tea kettle. Phew!

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Bakeware Set via merchant

Bakeware Set

In our review of Caraway bakeware, we praise the brand’s attention to detail, including the manufacturing process. The bakeware set not only arrives with a free organizer, but right now the Classic colors are 42% off for an 11-piece set or 34% for a five-piece set. Thick materials prevent warping while in the oven, and editors appreciate that muffins slide right out without the need to use a fork (we’ve all been there).

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Sauce Pan via merchant

Sauce Pan

The black and white saucepans are part of Caraway’s Iconics collection, and right now they’re available for $33 off. (If Classic colors are more your speed, those colorways are on sale for $23 off.) It’s the perfect size for servings of risotto, spaghetti sauce and even whipping up a creamy custard. Use less oil and enjoy a better flavor with this ceramic-coated saucepan, and snag the steamer insert for even more possibilities. Secure it during the Caraway sale to score the best price.

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Whistling Tea Kettle via merchant

Whistling Tea Kettle

Tea’s on! Herbal infusions, fruity blends and mellow green tea are all possible with the whistling tea kettle. Pick one up in seven Classic shades (for over 36% off) or Iconic black and white for over 33% off. A soothing, single-toned whistle is easy on the ears, and the cool colors add a pretty pep to your morning. Now that’s worth whistling at!

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Dutch Oven Ecomm Via Caraway via merchant

Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens, oh, how we love thee. Whether they’re part of the Beautiful by Drew collection or this Caraway Dutch oven, these deep pots add so much versatility to recipes requiring low-and-slow cooking. Score the sleek cooker in the black or white Iconics shade and save a generous $37.

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Navy Baking Sheet Duo via merchant

Baking Sheet Duo

Bake up a storm (or strudel, or snickerdoodles) with the Caraway baking sheet duo. Secure the set in one of seven Classic colors, and shave $20 off your bill. (Iconics colors will snag you a $30 discount.) We love that the 18×13-inch large size fits king-sized portions of everything from sweet potatoes to cookies.

Seriously—there’s enough room to feed a whole party. And the 15×10-inch medium size is perfect for smaller servings. Like the Holy Sheet pan from Great Jones, this pretty pan performs as well as it looks thanks to a slick surface and generously sized handles.