Are These Great Jones Nonstick Baking Pans Worth the Hype?

Updated: May 07, 2024

You’d be hard-pressed to find a baking sheet more vibrant than the Great Jones Holy Sheet—so is it more than meets the eye? Our in-house shopping expert and a Test Kitchen pro both tested it to find out.

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Great Jones is one of the many design-forward, incredibly gorgeous cookware brands entering the field recently. It’s joined by Our Place pans, Caraway ceramic cookware and even Green Pan nonstick pans in its desire to shake up the cooking world—but has the style revolution come at the price of function? Do these pans actually work as well as their less aesthetically-pleasing counterparts? We tested the Great Jones Holy Sheet pan to find out.

As a shopping editor, I’m always interested in the brands I see making the rounds on Instagram, and I’m in the unique position to give them a try before recommending them to readers. After all, at Taste of Home, we’re all about products that really, truly work—not just ones that look pretty sitting atop your stove.

But at the end of the day, I’m just an amateur home cook. That’s why I enlisted the help of Sarah Farmer, Taste of Home’s Executive Culinary Director. As a true pro, she gave the Great Jones pan a thorough test to see if it’s up to her impeccable standards. Spoiler alert: It was.

What Is the Great Jones Holy Sheet Pan?

Gj Pan53 Great Jones Non Stick Baking PanMegan Mowery/Taste of Home Megan Mowery/Taste of Home

We Tried It

Great Jones Holy Sheet Pan

The Holy Sheet Pan from Great Jones is a beautiful, heavy duty baking sheet that is nonstick and easy to clean.

The Great Jones Holy Sheet pan is more than just a pretty sheet pan with a quirky name. It’s a nonstick ceramic baking sheet that promises easy cleanup, a dishwasher-safe design and an array of three colorful shades to choose from. At $40, it’s certainly pricier than most sheet pans you can pick up at big box stores, but it’s similarly priced to other Instagram-friendly brands on the market.

Upon unboxing it, I was impressed by the pan’s weight, smooth surface and, of course, the bright blue color I chose. I daydreamed about the sweet potatoes I’d roast and the cookies I’d bake, all contrasted gorgeously against the shocking blue Instagram-ready hue.

Even more than the pleasing color, though, I felt that the Holy Sheet pan’s hefty two pound weight signified quality. It certainly feels more luxurious than the bargain baking sheets I’d relied on up to this point, which warp in protest in the oven.

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How We Tested It 

Great Jones Non Stick Baking PanMegan Mowery/Taste of Home

I tested the Holy Sheet pan in a variety of everyday cooking scenarios, comparing how it performed against my usual store-brand pans. I roasted veggies, baked cookies and gave it a thorough scrubbing after each use—which was easier done than said, given how smoothly stuck-on food remnants slid off the pan.

My old sheet pan cooked items at the edges faster than those in the middle, but the Holy Sheet pan cooked evenly across the entire surface, so oven fries and Brussels sprouts crisped up at a consistent rate. Its spacious half sheet size allowed plenty of room for chickpeas to spread out and keep from rolling together—and since this pan never buckled under the heat, there was no unwanted mid-bake movement.

Cookies slid cleanly off the sheet, with no crusty baked-on remnants in sight. The nonstick coating is impressive, and even sticky sauces and over-baked (okay, burned) dough were no match for the slippery surface. We’re adding the Holy Sheet to our list of bread baking essentials!

Cleaning the pan was significantly easier than my no-name pan, too. I typically scrub a dirty baking sheet with no small amount of elbow grease. But with the Great Jones pan, I could’ve simply wiped it clean if I wanted to.

I wasn’t the only one impressed with the Holy Sheet pan—Sarah found it a worthy investment, too. “At first glance, the Great Jones baking sheet made a lasting impression on me,” Sarah says. “It’s bold and beautiful—I hadn’t seen this in a baking sheet before. And then I held it in my hands and that sealed the deal. I didn’t even have to bake with it to know. I just knew.”

But bake with it she did, and its results exceeded her already-high expectations. “The performance proved phenomenal,” Sarah says. “The hefty pan offered uniform and steady heat distribution, owing to the heavy gauge aluminized steel. It has yet to buckle under high temps—not once did I hear it pop.”

Cleanup was quick and easy, too. “All the food baked on it released without any issues, thanks to the ceramic nonstick coating. My cleaning dreams came true when any and all of the gunky stuff wiped so easily away.”

Great Jones Holy Sheet Pan Product Features 

Great Jones Non Stick Baking PanMegan Mowery/Taste of Home

The Holy Sheet pan is two pounds’ worth of aluminized steel—which is a material to look for when buying a baking sheet—with a ceramic nonstick coating. It’s 17.25 inches long, 12.25 inches wide and two inches tall, though the Raspberry color is larger by about an inch. It’s available in three colors: magenta Raspberry, forest green Broccoli, and royal blue Blueberry. (Speaking of colors, do you know the most popular KitchenAid hue in your state?)

The pan is oven-safe up to 450°F and dishwasher-friendly, though the brand recommends hand-drying it thoroughly after washing. Great Jones also cautions against using metal utensils to avoid chipping and scratching the sheet, but I used a metal fish spatula—gently—without issue.


  • Hefty, high-quality weight
  • Impressive nonstick coating
  • Even heating
  • Performed flawlessly in testing
  • Easy cleaning
  • Eye-catching colors
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Expensive price
  • 450-degree heat limit is lower than other pans


Great Jones Non Stick Baking PanMegan Mowery/Taste of Home

Where is Great Jones cookware made?

Great Jones products are designed in New York and manufactured in the United States and China.

What’s the difference between a baking sheet and a cookie sheet?

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, the difference between baking sheets and cookie sheets is the rim. Baking sheets have rolled edges that create a lip on all sides of the pan, while cookie sheets are perfectly flat with no rim at all. It is much easier to remove cookies from a cookie sheet without a rim, especially when they’re hot.

What is the healthiest baking sheet?

Cast iron, glass and pure ceramic are healthy options for baking sheets. They are produced without harmful chemicals that can leach into your food, and they can safely withstand very high temperatures.

Product Comparison 

The Holy Sheet pan absolutely blows my big box store-brand baking sheet out of the water. It’s superior in every way—it’s prettier, heavier, more nonstick, cooks better and cleans easier. Even Sarah, who’s tested many a pan throughout her years as a culinary professional, says it’s the best sheet pan she’s seen.

“This is without question the highest quality baking sheet I’ve ever used,” Sarah says. “It’s a sturdy, hard-working pan that holds up to high heat, retains that heat very well and no doubt will last through the years if cared for properly.”

Final Verdict 

Walk—don’t run—to purchase a Great Jones Holy Sheet pan of your own. It’s pricey, yes, but well worth the cash for its high quality. It’ll likely hold up better than your average sheet pan and pay for itself in uses. It’s simply an excellent sheet pan.

And, as Sarah points out, it’s useful for more than just baking food in the oven. It’s easily displayable, too, so it doubles as serveware.

“You don’t think of rimmed baking sheets as ‘oven to table’ bakeware, like you do a casserole dish that functions both as the baking vessel and the serving piece,” Sarah says. “But Great Jones is changing that. Baking sheets are such a versatile, important piece of kitchen gear, and now that Great Jones brings an aesthetic component to the category—hooray! I’m recommending this baking sheet to all my home cook compadres!”

Plus, its stylish design makes the Holy Sheet pan an excellent gift for bakers. Give it on its own with a beloved recipe. Or pair it with some gourmet baking ingredients and a baking subscription box.

Where to Buy the Great Jones Holy Sheet Pan 

Gj Pan53 Great Jones Non Stick Baking PanMegan Mowery/Taste of Home Megan Mowery/Taste of Home

We Tried It

Great Jones Holy Sheet Pan

Superior quality and even heating make the Holy Sheet Pan from Great Jones well worth the investment.

The Holy Sheet pan is available on the Great Jones site, or as a set of two at Nordstrom. Shop the pan for $40. Then, start dreaming about all the delicious sheet pan dinners you’ll make!

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