Caraway Just Launched Steamers for Two Popular Pans

Updated: Mar. 11, 2024

Back off, bamboo steamers—Caraway has a line of nonstick steamers that deliver perfect dumplings in minutes.

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Spend and receive a gift card up to $200 with Caraway through March 31. Gift codes are emailed after purchase. Spend $95 for $25, $195 for $50, $395 for $100 and $795 for $200. 

Stop boiling the flavor out of vegetables, over-poaching fish and struggling with your bamboo inserts. Caraway just launched a new product: the steamers duo!

What is Caraway?

We’re no stranger to Caraway—take a look at our review of their famous cookware. Not only do Caraway cookware sets feature eye-catching kitchenware made from durable stainless steel, but their website also lists a myriad of bakeware options. You can even find mini versions of their coveted pans that work just as well as their larger counterparts!

Caraway puts a lot of thought behind the construction of their cookware. A colorful ceramic coating offers more than just a pretty finish—their pans distribute heat evenly. The best part? Ceramic-coated pans offer a stick-free surface without the use of chemicals like Teflon.

What is the Caraway steamers duo?

Caraway’s high-quality materials and attractive design set a pretty high bar, and these steamers don’t disappoint. Crafted from stainless steel and coated in the same ceramic found on their frying pans, they add new functionality to the already-praised cookware line.

Because the steamers are made to complement the size of their Dutch oven and sauce pan, they easily nestle inside for fuss-free storage after dinner. Thanks to an innovative design, the steamers do more than just cook food—they tackle everything from washing produce to draining pasta.

How to Use Caraway Steamers

Fill one of Caraway’s Dutch ovens or sauce pans with enough water to cover the bottom. Insert the small or large steamer basket so the handles of the steamer sit on the edge of the pot. Make sure that the water doesn’t touch the bottom of the steamer for the best results.

Turn the stovetop on in accordance with what you’re cooking. Foods like seafood and buns should steam at a higher temperature, while meat should steam at a medium temperature. Fragile, easily-overcooked foods like custards are best steamed at a low temperature.

Once it’s time to cook, simply arrange food like chicken, carrots or corn in the basket and pop on a lid. Once the water reaches 100 degrees, the magic begins.

As the water heats up and evaporates, it travels upwards. The lid keeps heat and moisture sealed in, which encourages it to collect around the food in the steaming basket. The hot steam is what ultimately cooks your broccoli florets and brussels sprouts.

Where to Buy Caraway Steamers

Caraway Steamers DuoCourtesy Caraway

Caraway steamers come in two sizes: small, priced at $55, and large, priced at $65. Both sizes are available on Caraway’s website. Snag a set soon—Caraway products tend to sell out within the first few days of their launch.

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