Pringles Debuts New Bacon and Mac ‘N Cheese Flavors For Limited Time

It's time to add another Pringles flavor to your pantry!

Pringles just dropped some exclusives, as their new Bacon and Mac ‘N Cheese flavors have hit stores for a limited summertime release.

The Bacon flavor can be found at Dollar General and Walmart, while the Mac ‘N Cheese seems to be a Dollar General exclusive.

An iteration of the Mac ‘N Cheese was tested before, as part of an eight-chip Thanksgiving package in 2017. The Thanksgiving Mac ‘N Cheese was not well received in the Foodbeast office. But we can only imagine they’ve improved upon that recipe over the last couple years. You also can’t help but think that there was a missed opportunity to combine the two new flavors to make a Bacon Mac ‘N Cheese flavor, but I guess you can buy both and just eat the two flavors at the same time.

New Bacon and Mac 'N Cheese FlavorsCourtesy Foodbeast

In 2018, there was a Thanksgiving Pringles re-release that only included the turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. The one flavor they need to bring back from that Thanksgiving set, though, is the creamed corn. Trust me on this.

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