This Gadget is the Secret to Perfectly Greased Pans Every Time—And It’s on Sale

This two-in-one tool makes it easy to avoid oily dishes and stuck-to-the-pan messes.

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Greasing pans is a must for stick-free frying, but it’s easy to overestimate (and underestimate) the amount of oil needed. Whether your family prefers olive oil or avocado oil, it’s important to perfectly portion it to avoid excess fat and soggy textures. There’s no need to break out the measuring spoons. Enter: The TikTok-famous brush-head oil dispenser.

With over a thousand positive reviews and a nearly five-star rating on Amazon, this cooking spray substitute marries the convenience of oil spray bottles with the functionality of oil squeeze bottles. From salads to seafood, enjoy just the right amount of flavor in a convenient storage container.

What does a brush-head oil dispenser do?

Brush-head oil dispensers are inexpensive kitchen gadgets that offer an easy way to add oil to food, frying pans and baking pans. Because of the distinct dropper and user-friendly design, oil goes exactly where you need it to without the risk of over-pouring posed by traditional oil dispenser bottles. Plus, the clever measurement lines let home cooks see exactly how much oil they’re using.

A brush-head oil dispenser is a clever way to store olive oil instead of keeping it in a bulky bottle. Alternatively, home cooks can use it to hold everything from healthy oils to high-fat frying oils. The dispenser looks cute on the counter next to spice racks, or pop it in your cabinet organizer to keep it tucked away until you’re ready to use it.

How to Use the Brush-Head Oil Dispenser

Each brush-head oil dispenser comes with a six-ounce glass bottle and silicone dropper lid. Fill it up with your favorite oil—I encourage the adventurous among us to try pumpkin seed oil, but any of your favorite cooking oils will do. Pop the included straw into the lid and screw it on. Once filled, the brush-head oil dispenser is ready to rock.

Attach the brush head tool to the lid. Then, simply squeeze the dropper tool to draw oil into the dropper’s chamber. Use the included measurement guides in the chamber to perfectly portion out the amount you need. One side features ounces, while the other uses milliliters.

Lift out the dropper tool and give it a little squeeze to shoot a steady stream of oil over salads, creamy soups, roasted veggies and pizza. Thanks to the measurements on the chamber, it’s easy to tell exactly how much oil is going on your meal.

To grease pans, bring the brush in contact with the pan’s surface and squeeze. Use the integrated brush tool to distribute the oil for a fully oiled skillet. The brush also works perfectly for fresh-baked breads. Fill the bottle with melted butter or milk instead of oil for an easy way to add a wash to buns.

Where to Buy It

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