The One Kitchen Gadget You Didn’t Know You Needed This Year

Updated: Mar. 28, 2024

Once you see the amazing things an embossed rolling pin can do, you'll wonder how you don't have one already!

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Looking for an easy way to give your favorite cutout cookies an elegant finish without all the tricks of fancy frostings? Look no further than an embossed rolling pin. These next-level rolling pins are engraved with textures and designs that give cookies a pretty appearance without the extras.

What is an embossed rolling pin?

An embossed rolling pin is just a classic wood rolling pin engraved with a design. They are used to create decorative patterns only (so this won’t take the place of your favorite rolling pin).

And what kind of designs are out there? So many gorgeous ones! You can have custom designs with names or other designs. This Etsy shop does a great job with unique designs.

How to use an embossed rolling pin

To use an embossed rolling pin at home,  just roll out your favorite cutout cookie dough as you would normally with your go-to smooth rolling pin. Then grab an embossed rolling pin and give it a quick dusting of flour. If you find that the flour sticks into the crevices of the design, just use a pastry brush or an unused paintbrush to clear away any clumps of flour.

Then roll the embossed pin over the cookie dough. Be sure to press firmly to get a really defined design.

Next, use your favorite cookie cutters and cut out shapes. Because the designs on these rolling pins are so intricate and gorgeous, simple shapes like circles and squares work well. All that’s left is to bake the cookies—just do that as directed by the recipe.

Once they’re baked, that’s all there is to it! No need to opt for further decoration. The stamp makes the cookies look gorgeous enough.

What else can you use an embossed rolling pin for?

This is a gadget that bakers will find surprisingly useful. Cutout cookies are the most obvious use, but you can give one of these fancy pins a try with other bakes and projects.

  • Pastry crust: To create a perfectly textured crust, emboss the top of a double-crust pie. (Find more crust secrets here.)
  • Shortbread: Because shortbread dough is a bit stiffer, it’s a great candidate for this decorative finish.
  • Pasta: You can emboss homemade noodles.
  • Fondant: Like dough, you can roll out pre-packaged or homemade fondant with a regular rolling pin and then add your embossed pattern.
  • Clay: You can use an embossed rolling pin for craft projects, too. For example, this homemade playdough would be fun to emboss. If you do decide to use an engraved pin with clay or other non-edible materials, be sure not to use that same pin with food. Because of the tiny crevices, these pins can be difficult to clean and you don’t want to risk getting bits of clay mixed in with your cookie dough.
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