14 Baking Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

These baking tools are absolute musts for serious bakers. From "why didn't they invent this sooner" rolling pins to easy-breezy measuring cups, you'll definitely want these tools.

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Measuring Flour Sifter

Sifting flour can be a messy business. And measuring that flour after it’s sifted can be a real task, too (you don’t want to compact what you just aerated!). This handy gadget ($23) allows you to sift flour mess-free while measuring as you go.

Why it made our list: It holds up to three cups, which is enough for most recipes.

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Adjustable Rolling Pin

When a pie recipe instructs you to roll out the dough to a quarter inch thick, how often do you actually measure the crust? With this handy adjustable rolling pin ($20), you can set up guides that help you achieve that perfect thickness for your next pie (or cutout cookie!).

Why it made our list: Four different disc sizes ensure a perfect crust every time.

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French Kitchen Marble Pastry Slab
via crateandbarrel.com

Marble Pastry Board

When it comes to rolling out pastry dough or even sugar cookies, it’s crucial to keep your dough nice and cool. However, unless you know some fancy trick, it’s impossible to get your countertop to stay chilled. Instead, pop a marble board ($50) into the fridge to make sure your pastry keeps cold while you work.

Why it made our list: This beauty doubles as a charcuterie board, too.

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Pie Crust Cutter

Whoever coined the phrase “easy as pie,” certainly never made one! Between making a good crust, rolling it perfectly thin and then fitting it to size, baking pies can be a tough job. Luckily, this handy tool ($10) measures and cuts your crust to the perfect size for your pie pan.

Why it made our list: No more patching necessary!

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Tablet and Cookbook Stand

Keep your recipes close at hand with this adorable handmade stand ($40). Whether you’re using a recipe card, your tablet or even your phone, this stand keeps your recipes nearby and easy to read.

Why it made our list: It’s completely customizable—and makes a perfect gift.

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Pie Chain

If you’ve ever blind baked a pie crust or pastry before, chances are you’ve relied on a handful of pie weights (or even some dried beans) to keep your dough from bubbling up. Don’t risk spilling the beans (or the pie weights for that matter), and opt for a pie chain ($15) where the weights are all connected for easy use, cleanup and storage.

Why it made our list: It’s easier to clean than individual pie weights.

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Adjustable Measuring Cup

When it comes to measuring ingredients like peanut butter and honey, it can seem almost impossible to get the right amount when so much sticks to the inside of the measuring cup. This handy gizmo ($12), though, lets you adjust the volume while also scraping the sides of the container, so you can be sure you get every smidgen of peanut butter for your cream pie.

Why it made our list: It’s dishwasher safe, too.

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50 Pcs Russian Piping Tips Set
via amazon.com

Russian Piping Tips

These tips might not look like much, but their complex cutouts help create stunning and realistic icing flowers. These tools ($16) are a step up from basic cake decorating and simple cupcake decor but are easy to use if you’re familiar with basic piping.

Why it made our list: This set is a great bargain for the price.

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Stainless-Steel Pastry Scraper
via williams-sonoma.com

Bench Scraper

Whether you’re cutting cinnamon rolls or dividing a big batch of cookie dough, a bench scraper ($10) is a kitchen workhorse. It’s the perfect tool for divvying up your baked treats, adding ingredients to the bowl or cleaning scraps off of your work surface. (We also love these flexible scrapers ($7) for getting every last bit of goodness out of the bowl)!

Why it made our list: Scrapers are effective decorating tools, too! Use ’em to edge frosting and etch dividing lines in cheesecake.

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Hand Pie Press

If you’re looking to make hand-held pies, empanadas or even pierogi, you’re going to want one of these nifty pie molds ($8 for three). These presses cut out the perfect circle of dough with one side, then flip to stuff and seal.

Why it made our list: This set cuts down on so much work cutting and crimping.

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Cookie Stamps

If you’re a fan of shortbread (seriously, who isn’t?), these cookie stamps ($26) just might become your new best friend. Use these cookie stamps to press a design into your favorite shortbread recipes to create professional-looking results.

Why it made our list: There are tons of styles to choose from, including Christmas stamps, honey bees and greetings.

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OXO 17.5"x24.5" Silicone Pastry Mat
via target.com

Measuring Mat

Sometimes you want your treats to be exact, and this silicone pastry mat ($20) includes plenty of measurements, conversions and more. We use it to roll out pie crust, shape scones and divide sweet rolls into equally sized pieces. In a pinch, you can also use a traditional ruler or measuring tape—just make sure it’s clean first!

Why it made our list: The silicone surface ensures your dough won’t stick when you go to put it in the plate.

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Z Whisk
via berndes-cookware.com

Z Whisk

If you’re running short on storage space, this sleek whisk ($15) is the perfect solution. It’s slender—a stark contrast to standard, bulbous whisks—yet can whisk sauces, curds and custards with ease. Need more space-saving tips? Try these tiny kitchen ideas.

Why it made our list: This may just be the most unique tool in our kitchen!

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via surlatable.com

Squeeze Bottles

Looking to make an Insta-worthy drip cake? Squeeze bottles can help you get the job done. They’re light, pliable and easy to fill. We love this set of two ($10) etched with convenient measurement amounts.

Why it made our list: You can use them for savory sauces and dressings, too.

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