This Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet Has Over 130,000 Positive Reviews

The beloved Lodge cast-iron skillet has tons of glowing reviews on Amazon. Here's why shoppers can't get enough.

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Home chefs have a lot of cookware options these days. From the internet-famous Our Place Always Pan, to the viral Green Pan and oh-so-pretty Caraway ceramic cookware, high-quality cookware isn’t hard to come by. But nothing beats the tried and true Lodge cast-iron skillet.

Lodge cast-iron cookware has been made in America since 1896. That means Lodge has over 120 years of experience perfecting quality design, lifetime durability and cooking versatility! It’s no surprise their skillet is a number-one best seller on Amazon with over 130,000 five-star reviews. And, the versatile 10-inch version costs under $30. Here’s why this piece of cookware is so beloved.

What Is a Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet?

The Lodge cast-iron skillet is hailed as a kitchen essential by some of the country’s leading chefs. In fact, our Executive Culinary Director, Sarah Farmer, names the Lodge cast-iron skillet as her second favorite pan, after Taste of Home’s own cast-iron pan. “Lodge is tried and true,” she says. “They’re a leader in the industry.”

Tens of thousands of everyday chefs agree, and have left glowing five-star reviews on Amazon. Why? The number of things you can make with this affordable skillet are countless! It provides excellent heat distribution and retention for consistent, even cooking. You can use it to sear, sauté, bake, broil, braise, fry or grill your favorite cast-iron recipes. If you’re the outdoorsy type, the Lodge cast-iron skillet is also great for campfire meals.

This high-quality skillet also comes pre-seasoned for an easy-release finish that only improves with use. Plus, it’s available in a variety of sizes—ranging from 3.5 inches to 15 inches in diameter. The smallest option is perfect for making single-serve desserts, while the 15-inch size is great for making potluck meals. With the proper care, you and your family will cook memorable meals for decades using this skillet. Lodge also makes one of our favorite Dutch ovens, which is ideal for cooking stews, casseroles and campfire breakfasts.

One reminder—the larger the skillet, the heavier it will be. Check out the Lodge silicone hot handle holder for extra grip and heat protection. It’s one of our favorite cast-iron accessories.

How to Use a Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet

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The Lodge cast-iron skillet comes pre-seasoned, so it’s ready to use right out of the box. Whether you’re cooking over the campfire, oven or electric or gas stove, any heat source is safe with this pan—minus the microwave. It’s ideal for searing meat or making one-pan meals, though it also works for desserts. The hardest part may just be deciding what you’re going to cook!

When cooking with cast iron, opt for medium-to-high heat. It heats up fast, though, so start with a medium temperature and slowly increase the temperature to be safe.

To clean, all it takes is water and minimal elbow grease to properly care for the skillet. Mild soap is okay, although many chefs recommend sticking to water to avoid damaging the seasoned coating. If you discover food sticking to the pan, try silicone scrapers to easily lift food residue.

Dry the skillet with a towel, then re-season it with vegetable oil after each use. If you see black residue on your cast-iron skillet, this is what it means.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

The Lodge cast-iron skillet has over 130,000 impressive ratings on Amazon. Here are just a few of the many reasons people love their skillets:

“Lodge is known for quality cast iron,” writes verified Amazon reviewer, Chris Major. “Never been disappointed with Lodge. Once seasoned, cast iron is easy to clean and retains heat so food doesn’t cool off before seconds are being dished out. Would definitely buy again but that’s not likely to happen because if treated good, this pan will outlive me.”

As verified Amazon reviewer, Jesse Broecker puts it, a Lodge cast-iron skillet is the “Only way to cook.” Jesse adds, “As an aspiring chef, I swear by lodge cast iron. Perfect for searing pork chops and making pan sauces to baking goods in the oven.”

“I’m 64 years old and never used a cast-iron skillet,” adds Becky C., a verified Amazon reviewer. “I LOVE my Lodge 12-inch skillet! I love how pork chops, chicken breasts and steaks don’t dry out. So easy to clean, but make sure you dry it completely before rubbing with vegetable oil and storing until next use.”

Where to Buy a Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet

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At this point, a Lodge cast-iron skillet should be required for every kitchen. A 10.5-inch skillet goes for less than $25 on Amazon. You can also pick them up at Williams Sonoma, REI, Kohl’s and Sur la Table, among other retailers. We love that it’s an affordable cookware item you won’t have to replace because cast-iron holds up for years. Add it to your kitchen arsenal today, and thank yourself later.

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