What Are Laundry Strips?

Updated: Nov. 13, 2022

Cleaning your clothes just got easier! Say hello to laundry strips. These lightweight, eco-friendly products make wash day a breeze.

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Picture it: Laundry day has rolled around (again?!), and it’s time to tackle the mountain of clothes sitting in your hamper. Not only do your clothes smell, but they’re in dire need of a good clean to get rid of dirt and stains. We’re looking at you, week-old marinara stain.

Before you lug out a giant tub of messy liquid detergent, say hello to a new laundry product that we can’t believe took this long to invent: Laundry strips! This genius detergent method is on the rise as an easy-to-use, eco-friendly laundry alternative—and no, it’s not a laundry myth. These small yet mighty strips will change the way you do laundry for good.

What are laundry strips?

As the name suggests, laundry strips are rectangular, biodegradable sheets of detergent that quickly dissolve in water to remove stains and unwanted odors from clothing. They look sort of like dryer sheets, but are more stiff. No more measuring messy liquids and powders, or lugging heavy plastic containers—laundry strips usually come in lightweight cardboard packages.

You may be thinking: how are laundry strips any different from laundry pods? The main difference is that strips are actually eco-friendly. They fully break down in your load without adding micro plastics to your washing machine. Recent studies have shown that up to 75% of the plastic film in laundry pods doesn’t fully break down—and can end up in our water supply. Laundry sheets don’t use any plastic, and are a safer alternative for the environment and your clothes. Plus, they lift stains and freshen clothes just like traditional detergents!

How to Use Laundry Strips

Laundry strips are super easy to use, so you can say goodbye to laundry mistakes, as they don’t require any measuring. (That means no spillage, either!) Depending on the size and overall griminess of the load, you’ll either want to use a half sheet, one sheet or two sheets.

The exact breakdown varies depending on the brand, but for Earth Breeze, instructions suggest a half-sheet for regular loads (½ drum), a full sheet for large loads (¾ drum) and two sheets for an extra-large load (full drum.) After placing the sheet into the load, it’ll automatically dissolve into the water and get to work removing pesky stains and unwanted odors. (Although you could always use some odor-fighting Swiff spray, too.) Laundry strips work in front load and top load machines.

If you don’t have a washing machine, detergent sheets can also be used for hand-washing. Simply place the sheet into the basin, wait a few minutes for the sheet to dissolve and then hand-wash as normal. By the way, do you know what laundry symbols mean?

Are Laundry Strips Better Than Regular Detergent?

Compared to traditional detergent, laundry strips have several advantages:


  • Work as well as traditional detergents
  • Take up less space than the average container of detergent
  • No mess in measuring or pouring
  • Free from single-use plastic
  • Often wrapped in zero-waste packaging
  • Made with mostly plant-derived ingredients
  • Convenient for travel
  • Available without added fragrance, making them ideal for those with dry and sensitive skin


  • More expensive per load than traditional detergent

The Best User Reviews

Tons of reviewers have shown their love for laundry strips from a variety of brands.

Diane M, a verified purchaser of Earth Breeze’s laundry detergent sheets, says this stuff is for real. “Never had a detergent (especially in a sheet) that cleaned and absolutely took the smell out of clothes.”

Verified Amazon purchaser, Daniel B, says laundry sheets are effective, simple, inexpensive and tidy. “Simple as can be. Just toss part of a sheet in with your laundry (I just toss mine right on top of my load) and you’re done.” He even adds that he doesn’t think he’s ever used a full sheet: “You’ll get far more loads out of these than there are sheets.”

Where to Buy Laundry Strips

If you’re looking to try laundry strips, they’re available from a variety of brands like Grove, Earth Breeze, Kind Laundry and on Amazon. The price of the detergent varies by brand, but expect to spend between $12 and $20 for a one time purchase. However, many of the brands offer subscription-based models where you can save every month. Check out our Grove laundry strips review too.

Once you’ve made the switch to laundry strips, go ahead and update your laundry room decor, too. Then, get ready for the easiest laundry day of your life!