This Scientist-Approved Odor Protector Is My New Favorite Laundry Product

Updated: Oct. 13, 2023

Swiff Spray claims to prevent odor on clothes—so we put it to the test.

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With summer in full swing, it’s pretty much impossible to prevent sweat and the odors that come with it. In need of a product to de-stink my clothes without washing, I discovered Swiff Spray, a chemical-free odor protector. Billed as a “deodorant-free way to stay fresh,” it claims to prevent odors on everything from clothes and gym gear to household fabrics.

Swiff Spray boasts several one-of-a-kind qualities: It’s 100% natural, water-based, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free (read: it won’t irritate sensitive skin). Last but certainly not least, it was created by a scientist. I tested Swiff Spray to see if it really holds up to summertime sweat and smells.

What Is Swiff Spray?

Developed by Dr. JJ Richardson, Swiff Spray is a water-based formula designed to prevent odor on clothes, fabrics, gym gear and just about any material or surface that’s prone to bad smells from humans or pets. The pocket-sized spray features two nozzles, one with water and silver nitrate and the second with water and gallnut extract. When sprayed thoroughly on clean clothes (specifically the underarm area), it keeps odors at bay for up to five washes—sometimes longer.

Unlike some odor protectors, Swiff is 100% natural, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. Meaning, it protects fabrics from becoming stinky rather than covering them up with perfumes and dyes.

How We Tested It

Once my package of Swiff Spray arrived, I spritzed it in the air to see if it was truly odor-free. I also spot tested it on a section of the shirt I was wearing that day. Swiff honestly doesn’t smell like anything, making it that much more intriguing. I thought to myself, “How can this stuff work?” So I got to testing.

Intrigued by the fact that Swiff Spray is a “deodorant-free way to stay fresh,” I wanted to see if it outperformed my natural deodorant, which is also aluminum-free. I spritzed it onto my clean pits (yes, it’s skin-safe) five to 10 times like it suggests, making sure to use five sprays of the water and silver nitrate solution and five sprays of the water and gallnut extract solution.

After a full day of work, it was time for a sniff test. I decided to test the spray while working as opposed to exercising because I don’t produce an enormous amount of sweat during a normal day. So, if it held up during everyday activities, I knew I could trust it for outings and trips to the gym. Unfortunately, it didn’t hold up as a deodorant alternative, so it was back to the drawing board to test again. I didn’t want to write it off right then and there because, although it’s skin-safe, it does say it’s designed to keep armpit areas of clothes clean—not necessarily the pits themself.

For my fabric test, I spritzed Swiff Spray onto the armpit areas of my clothes for one full week. And yes, this time I did wear my natural deodorant to see if it held up in nearly every condition, including activities like working, running errands, exercising and hanging out at a Colorado Rockies baseball game. I also spritzed Swiff Spray onto dirty clothes to see if it magically revived them, but much to my expectations it did nearly nothing to my already dirtied attire.

After a couple midday sniff tests and one at the end of each day, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the armpit area on my clothes didn’t stink. Full transparency, my natural deodorant doesn’t always hold up, meaning I often find the armpit area of my clothes smelling like body odor after rigorous activities. (Let’s just say I’m still figuring out my armpit detox routine—if you’re a natural deodorant wearer, you know the struggle.) So, when I discovered that my clothes didn’t just feel clean but were also free of odors, it was clear Swiff Spray is a trusty sidekick to my natural deodorant. And it’s my new favorite laundry hack—next to my favorite best smelling laundry detergent, of course.

Product Features

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Swiff Spray boasts a number of impressive features. For starters, it was developed by a scientist, which is enough to hit “add to cart.” For the cherry on top, it’s hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and protects fabrics from odors for up to five washes, so one order of this bad boy lasts for weeks. And if you use it around your home, it’s a product that’ll clean your house in less than an hour. Just spritz and walk away.


What I like about Swiff Spray

  • Created by a scientist
  • Pocket-sized spray that’s fun to look at and use
  • Protects more than just clothes, including pet beds, blankets, upholstery and gym gear
  • Lasts for up to five washes, if not more
  • Water-based formula
  • Fragrance-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Chemical-free and 100% natural


Consider these factors before buying Swiff Spray

  • Not an alternative to deodorant
  • In my experience, it only protects clean clothes, not already stinky clothes
  • At $30 for 1 fluid ounce container, it’s on the pricey side


Can I spray Swiff on my skin?

Yes! Swiff Spray is safe to use directly on skin. The brand claims spraying it on skin will deliver the same anti-odor effects, but for best results we recommend spraying it on clothes first and then skin if you wish. Spraying Swiff on skin isn’t necessary unless you want extra protection with sleeveless tops.

What happens if I spray Swiff on dirty clothes instead of clean clothes?

When used on dirty clothes, Swiff coats the dirt, oil and microbes on the clothes instead of the fabrics, according the brand. Meaning, Swiff washes off with the dirt and can’t work as it’s intended to. Think of Swiff as a preventive laundry hack that protects clothes from getting stinky.

What Other Reviewers Have to Say

Swiff Spray has plenty of satisfied customers who have found smart, everyday uses for this laundry product. Here’s what a few purchasers have noted:

“For years I have tried to remedy the stench of going to a rock gym, going sockless and using my favorite pair of climbing shoes just to leave the gym feeling self-conscious that the shoe smell follows me everywhere and lingers anywhere the shoes were kept,” writes Hadi. “With Swiff I haven’t had any issues with smell or odor in my climbing shoes or gym bag since applying it. This spray is incredible and super easy to use!”

“I use Swiff to make my dog coat smell fresh,” writes Hyoju, a verified Swiff buyer. “I spray on him after a bath, it works really well!! My dog sneezes a lot when I used other dog deodorizing sprays (maybe he doesn’t like chemicals), but he doesn’t sneeze with Swiff.”

Mark adds, “This stuff is great!! Totally made a difference in my workout clothes, especially poly blends that are supposed to wick moisture (but definitely not odor)! My only complaint is that I wish the bottle was bigger. I definitely need to keep this as a staple amongst my laundry products.”

Final Verdict

As a 100% fragrance-free odor protector, Swiff Spray is impressive. Though it didn’t work as a deodorant alternative, it did protect my clothes from stink after long, hot days outside and activities around the house. If you need an extra layer of odor protection on clothing and upholstery, Swiff is your new best friend. It’s my new favorite laundry hack because I don’t have to worry about scrubbing my clothes prior to washing. Swiff does the heavy lifting for me.

Where to Buy

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Swiff Spray is available on the brand’s website and Amazon for around $30. Give it a spray, then look forward to no smells, stink or unwanted odors on clothes and household fabrics!

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