This Is Why You Should Buy Grocery Store Sheet Cake for Your Wedding

Updated: May 16, 2022

You can serve a wedding sheet cake—and there's a good chance none of your guests will ever know!

While wedding trends come and go, there’s a quintessential part of the big day that’s stood the test of time: wedding cake. And while the shape, style and flavor certainly vary based on a couple’s preference, the ceremonial displaying and cutting of the cake still remains a long-standing tradition. It also remains one of the most expensive pieces of the wedding budget, so it’s no wonder people are choosing to look at other options.

Did you know you could head to the grocery store for a wedding sheet cake? Or, you can even use that sheet cake and turn it into a tiered masterpiece? Just a bit of creativity will save you a whole lot of money!

The Average Cost of a Wedding Cake

Wedding sweets certainly take the cake when it comes to your wedding budget. The cost of a traditional, tiered wedding cake is around $500, according to Wedding Wire, with most couples spending between $300 to $700 for their wedding cake. Of course, a more intricate design will increase that cost significantly.

In addition to the cost of the cake, you may opt for a small cutting cake or additional sweet treats. Plus, if you want your caterer or another vendor to cut the cake for you, you’ll need to add a cake-cutting fee to your budget, which can range from $1 to $3 per guest. It all adds up!

The Price of a Wedding Cake vs. Sheet Cake

When you add up the price of an average cake, cutting cake (let’s estimate around $100), and a cake-cutting fee of $1.50 for each of your 115 guests, the average total you spend on dessert is $773. That can be a lot for a dessert which, sadly, doesn’t always get eaten by everyone.

When you compare the price of this cake to a wedding sheet cake, the results are shocking. An average grocery store sheet cake serves 117 people with 2″ by 2″ slices and typically costs around $50. So, if you get one sheet cake to feed 115 guests, you’ll save more than $700 dollars.

How to Serve Wedding Sheet Cake

You may not be comfortable with showing your guests the sheet cake. You can pull off this trick at your wedding by having a small “show cake” on display, while serving everyone a slice of sheet cake.

Of course, having the “show cake” option is a bit pricier than just a wedding sheet cake, but it still saves you a ton of money. If you compare the prices again, having a sheet cake and a cutting cake only costs an average of $150.

Turn Your Sheet Cake into a Masterpiece

Still want a cake on display that will be cut and served to guests? You can dress up a grocery store sheet cake! One TikTok genius took an average grocery store cake and gave it an incredible wedding sheet cake makeover by adding colorful frosting, gold detailing and fresh flowers.

@theicingartist$20 grocery store cake, to a $500 wedding cake!! #wedding #lifehack #cake #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok♬ original sound – The Icing Artist

To pull it off, @theicingartist started by picking up two grocery store cakes, removing the decorations and cutting cake rounds out of it. She then added a cream filling with fresh strawberries and layered the sweets. After doing a crumb coat and frosting the exterior, she stacked the two tiers using straws to add stability and decorated the exterior with gold leaf and plenty of fresh flowers.

We also suggest throwing a gorgeous wedding cake topper on the top.

It’s amazing how two $10 grocery store cakes can be turned into a $500 wedding cake with a bit of patience and creativity!