Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Fireball Whisky (Including How to Drink It)

Updated: Sep. 17, 2019

Here's what you should know about Fireball Whisky so you can mix up some spicy-sweet sippers.

Fireball Whisky is the cinnamon-flavored liquor that has taken bars, parties and bachelorette parties by storm. Whether you enjoy it as a party accelerator or a front porch sipper, its warm, palatable zing and versatility have made it a cult favorite throughout America.

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What’s in Fireball?

Fireball Whisky is a blend of whiskey, natural cinnamon and sweeteners. At 66 proof (33% alcohol by volume), Fireball has 20 percent less alcohol than the standard whiskey.

So, what does it taste like? Some drinkers say it tastes like Atomic Fireball candies or Big Red gum. Others claim it tastes like liquid graham crackers. Love it or hate it, Fireball Whisky has certainly made a name for itself in the liquor world. The brand’s website states it perfectly: “If you haven’t tried it yet, just imagine what it feels like to stand face-to-face with a fire-breathing dragon who just ate a whiskey barrel full of spicy cinnamon.”

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How to Drink Fireball

There are several different ways to enjoy Fireball Whisky. Below are some simple and tasty recipes, but feel free to add your own twist.

On the Rocks

“On the rocks” = over ice—plain and simple. In other words, pour the Fireball into a highball glass filled with ice, sit back, sip and enjoy. We love these handblown crystal whiskey glasses ($25 for 2 glasses) and these slow-melt ice ball molds ($13) for a more sophisticated touch.

Straight Shot

To keep things simple, throw back a shot of Fireball by itself. Its smooth flavor delivers a subtle kick with a sweet aftertaste, making it easily drinkable. Shot glasses optional.

Cinnamon Toast Shot

This shot, according to Fireball lovers, tastes like you’re eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal! It’s made with one part Fireball and one part horchata or RumChata. Mix well, chill and shoot. It can also be made as a cocktail over ice in a highball glass.

Dragon’s Blood

One part Fireball, one part cranberry juice. Mix well, chill and shoot. This concoction can also be enjoyed on the rocks in a highball glass.


Many claim this popular cocktail tastes like apple pie in a cup…er, a pint glass? Simply add a shot of Fireball to hard apple cider and enjoy. You and your friends will also love this crackling hot cocoa or slow cooker apple cider on a chilly night.

Eat It!

You can even add Fireball to food to give your meals a spicy-sweet kick. Take a bite into these cinnamon whiskey BBQ chicken wraps and these grilled whiskey pork chops. You can also make this savory whiskey bacon jam to spread on crackers and toast.

Is Fireball Whisky Safe to Drink?

Rumors have flown around that antifreeze is an ingredient in Fireball. Well, folks, it’s safe to say that this rumor is false. According to the brand website, “Fireball is 100% safe to drink. Fireball does not contain any antifreeze at all and the suggestion is ridiculous.”

Drink up, but please drink responsibly.