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9 Classic Tequila Mixed Drinks You Should Know

This list of tequila mixed drinks will help you host a fantastic party, from sunset all the way to tequila sunrise!

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paloma recipeTaste of Home

La Paloma

Think you know the most popular cocktail in Mexico? Think again! While many may point to the margarita, the paloma leads the marg in preference and prevalence. The secret ingredient is quality grapefruit soda, which bartenders swear pairs better with tequila than anything else. Check out our picks for grapefruit soda.

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Fresh Lime MargaritasTaste of Home


Probably most synonymous with the words “tequila cocktail,” the Margarita is by far the most well-known tequila drink in the U.S. Don’t skip the salt on the rim, though. Salt is an important element for the margarita, helping to bring out the sweet and sour flavors, while also balancing out bitterness. Find the best kind of tequila to use in your margarita.

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Mexican Mule

Simple and classy, this riff on the Moscow mule uses tequila in place of vodka, and it just might be your new go-to summer drink. Looking for a little extra pizzazz? On her blog What Should I Make For…, Cathy Roma swears by pairing tequila with fresh ginger and a bit of jalapeno.

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Braver Bull

You can make tequila mixed drinks for dessert—and this recipe from Gastronomista one might have you ordering seconds. A twist on the Black Russian, this kahlua and tequila cocktail hits all the right, sweet notes for an elegant after-dinner digestif.

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The vodka or gin martini showdown is about to get a third contestant, with tequila arriving to make “the Tequini.” After sampling this delicious tequila hibiscus martini from Beautiful Booze, you just might be converted!

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Boozy Long Island Iced Tea with a Lemon GarnishBRENT HOFACKER/SHUTTERSTOCK

Long Island Iced Tea

While this cocktail might look innocuous—the similarity to its nonalcoholic namesake helped it go undetected during Prohibition—this cocktail is anything but tame. Coming in with a 22% alcohol content, this mixed drink is a sure sign of wild times ahead. Learn how to make a perfect Long Island.

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Juicy Orange and Red Tequila Sunrise with a CherryBrent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Tequila Sunrise

The only sunrise you’ll be up to see after drinking all those Long Island iced teas, this cocktail is indeed named after the rising sun, and it’s pretty easy to make. It’s been a rock n’ roll sunrise beverage since it started, including a stint as the favorite cocktail of the Rolling Stones during their 1972 tour.

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Bloody MariaTaste of Home

Bloody Maria

Forget the Bloody Mary. The Bloody Maria brings a spicy kick to your brunch game, while still allowing for the same towering pile of garnishes you’ve grown accustomed to.

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MicheladaTaste of Home


A close cousin to Bloody Marys and Bloody Marias, the michelada is the brunch beer cocktail you need to be ordering. With a name that translates to “give me my cold beer,” a cocktail imbued with that much anticipation is bound to be delicious. While a typical michelada contains only beer, substitute two ounces of your favorite tequila and half the amount of beer when using this recipe to spice up your brunch.

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