This Genius Egg Timer Amazon Customers Are Wild for Changes Color for Perfect Results

Updated: Apr. 26, 2023

Never under or overboil your eggs again with this egg timer Amazon customers adore.

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Whether you love a soft-boiled egg with a golden runny yolk or a hard-boiled egg for egg salad sandwiches, you understand how disappointing it is to get the timing wrong and end up with an under or overboiled egg.

We’ve got some truly egg-cellent news for you. The NobleEgg Egg Timer Pro is a cute little kitchen gadget—seriously, it’s about the size and shape of an actual egg—that will never let you miss out on perfect eggs ever again. It’s the clever egg timer Amazon customers have been raving about, and deserves a spot among your other egg tools and kitchen timers.

What is the NobleEgg egg timer?

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The NobleEgg egg timer takes the guesswork out of boiling eggs. It has an adorable chick face on it, but the genius part is its three red, bullseye-like rings marked soft, medium and hard. As the eggs arrive at the soft-, medium- or hard-boiled point, the corresponding ring changes from red to white, thanks to the heat-sensitive paper that’s reacting inside the timer.

If you’re used to an egg timer that beeps when your boiling eggs have reached the desired stage, know that you’ll have to keep an eye on this egg timer instead. Still, it’s earned thousands of five-star ratings on Amazon.

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How to Use the NobleEgg Egg Timer

Fill a pot with water and place this egg timer in along with your eggs. (No worries—it’s made from non-toxic materials, so you and your eggs are safe!) It’s flat on the bottom, so it will stay put even as the rest of your eggs start to roll around.

Then, instead of watching the clock, watch the timer. Want soft-boiled eggs? Take them out with a slotted spoon when that first red ring disappears completely. Prefer medium? Wait a little while longer for the second ring to fade before removing the eggs. Hard-boiled egg fans should wait until the red fades away completely and the NobleEgg Egg Timer Pro resembles an actual egg. Craving a combination of all three? Just watch those rings change from red to white and pull eggs out accordingly.

A TikTok video from @koleagal shows the handy product in action.


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The Best Amazon User Reviews

If you’ve given up on the prospect of perfectly-boiled eggs, take a look at what some happy Amazon customers have to say about this egg timer:

I was a little iffy buying this, doubted that it would work,” writes verified buyer, Michael Smith. “But I am pleasantly surprised! It works perfect!”

“After decades of medium-not-soft boiled eggs, I DID IT! I pulled them out as they hit the black line between soft and medium, and they were perfect,” shares Gail, a five-star reviewer.

Another five-star reviewer, Annette, writes, “Everyone in our house likes their eggs at a different consistency. I like mine runny and others like them firm. This takes the guesswork out of the cooking time!”

Where to Buy the NobleEgg Egg Timer

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The NobleEgg egg timer is available on Amazon for $13. Snag one now and you’ll never second-guess your boiled eggs again!

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