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Show off your style in every room with these expert ideas for home and kitchen decor. Get inspired by pretty tablescapes, inspiring kitchen themes, color schemes and more.

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    Spruce up your home this New Year with any of these 20 houseplants.

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    New Year's Day was traditionally a time for gift-giving.

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    Maximalism mixes colors, patterns and textures for an eclectic style. Here are 10 ways to embrace the maximalist decor style.

    What Is the 2020 Color of the Year?

    Pantone just named its "Color of the Year" for the first year of the new decade.

    14 ’80s Decor Trends That Are Back In a Big Way

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    Totally Rad ’80s-Inspired Home Decor

    Decadence, opulence, maximalism: '80s home décor was anything but shy. Here are some ways you can add some '80s style...

    How to Care For Christmas Flowers

    Give gifts that keep on giving this year. Here's how to care for the most popular Christmas flowers.

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    We guarantee you'll be grateful for these beautiful Thanksgiving decorations.

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    Try these dining room decorating ideas for more style in less space!

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    24 Beautiful Bookcases You’ll Want in Your House

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    Alternative Formal Dining Room Ideas

    Not everyone needs a formal dining room. If your dining room is gathering dust, perhaps it's time to turn it...

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    These Thanksgiving table ideas make it easy to feast in style.

    12 Painted Floor Ideas to Inspire Your Next DIY Project

    Painted floors can add personality and fabulous flair to a space. Make a statement with these inspiring ideas.

    Find the Right Thanksgiving Tablecloth for Your Dinner

    From fall-inspired motifs to harvest pumpkin designs, we'll help you find a stylish Thanksgiving tablecloth to elevate your holiday table.

    10 Unique Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

    These creative kitchen cabinet ideas are great for creating the illusion of space and bringing color and modernization to any...

    The Cutest (and Spookiest) Halloween Decorations from Target

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    Cute Dining Room Chandelier Ideas

    Your dining room chandelier should reflect not only your personality, but the room's as well.

    10 Seriously Cool Succulents That Make Great Houseplants

    If you're looking for some low-maintenance plants to keep you company indoors, look no further than succulents. Here are 10...