Joanna Gaines Just Shared Photos of Her Christmas Trees, and We Love Them All

For starters, one of her Christmas trees is 12 feet tall!

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a winter wonderland home for Christmas? Decorating the house with my mom and sister when I was younger kept the seasonal magic alive, but as we grew up, I felt it start to slip. That’s why my family slowly started getting together again for wine and Christmas decorating at my folks’ place. And, truthfully, it really has brought the magic back into my holiday mood.

That’s why I was so inspired by the Joanna Gaines Christmas tree collection this year—all three are positively gorgeous!

What’s on Each Christmas Tree?

According to Joanna’s blog, she’s put up three beautiful Christmas trees to represent three different people that mean a lot to her.

The Family Tree

As expected, the family tree is the most grandiose of all. This real pine tree stands at a massive 12 feet tall and completely transforms the Gaines’ living room. Its rich green color invokes the feeling of nature, and the fact that it’s a real tree only aids in that feeling.

The tree itself is spangled with small, golden lights that twinkle like stars and a slew of Christmas ornaments that make me feel like I could see Santa flying through the sky at any moment.

As Joanna says, the real pine means a lot to her husband, Chip. And, since Chip means a lot to her, she puts her everything into making that tree as meaningful as possible. That’s the inspiration we love to see!

Mama’s Tree

This one is the Joanna Gaines Christmas tree. Simple and sweet, this tree is a “zero stress” faux tree. It comes prelit and fits perfectly in the corner of Chip and Joanna’s bedroom. It’s the kind of tree I’d love to have as a warming presence while I drift to sleep.

Learn how to hang ornaments without metal hooks.

Crew’s Tree

Joanna said that none of the kids really wanted a tree (not even a little one) in their bedrooms this year…except for Crew! She decorated it with colorful felt ornaments, but Joanna says that she constantly finds ornaments from other trees “magically” on Crew’s tree. I wonder how those got there! Perfect for lulling a kiddo to sleep, this tree keeps the holiday spirit alive and well. It’s impossible to forget how cute Crew was with his birthday cake.

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