We Opened a GlobeIn Box Filled with Handmade Decor from Around the World—and Here’s What We Found

Updated: Jul. 15, 2024

In my never-ending hunt for unique home decor, I tried out GlobeIn, a marketplace for global artisan goods—and boy, did it deliver!

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If you’ve ever lamented how hard it can be to find unique home decor, you’re not alone. Big-name stores often carry a lot of the same styles based on what’s trendy, and if you want something outside-the-box, one of your best options is to search for artisan-made goods.

As something of a home decor expert, I’m always on the lookout for new sources of unique, interesting furniture and decorations, which is why I was so excited to discover GlobeIn. In addition to serving as a marketplace for globally sourced artisan goods, GlobeIn also offers a subscription box, and it was the perfect way to try the brand out for myself. Here’s what I found.

What is GlobeIn?

GlobeIn is an online brand that sells artisan goods from all around the world, focusing on enriching the lives of artists and their communities. They sell everything from hand-painted dinnerware to upcycled fashion bags. There’s lots of eclectic decor as well, from mirrors and throw blankets to trinket dishes, baskets and planters. Plus, every purchase helps support fair wages, job stability and safe working conditions for people around the globe. It’s a win-win, really.

There are several ways that you can shop GlobeIn’s collection of artisan goods. If you’re searching for something in particular, you can browse and shop the website like you would any online store, purchasing one-off items for your home. However, you’ll see that a lot of the products sell out quickly, and if you want to get first dibs on the handmade goodies, you might want to sign up for a Maven Membership. It costs $5.99 per month, and it gives you early access to new collections, as well as access to discounted items in the monthly Artisan Fair.

GlobeIn also offers its recurring Premium Box subscription for anyone who wants to receive beautiful handmade decor every month. Every box is curated around a different theme and features three to five items, but you also have the option to build a completely custom box with items of your choosing. This ensures you’re always getting goods that you love. You can skip a month at any time.

How We Tested It

Globein cupCamryn Rabideau for Taste of Home

I wanted to see the quality of GlobeIn goods for myself, so I got my hands on the Cozy Box—one of the themed boxes that you might receive with a monthly subscription. My goodies arrived in a cheerful pink box, and they were carefully packaged to prevent any damage during transit.

As you might expect, this box contained a variety of cozy items that were ideal for winter, including:

Right off the bat, I was drawn to the Malika Mug—it’s way oversized and visually stunning, featuring a hand-painted blue and green pattern. By my estimate, it can hold around 20 ounces of liquid, which is way too much coffee for me, but it’s big enough that it could be used as a vase, instead. It will be great for showing off fresh flower cuttings from my garden in the summer, and the exterior is pretty enough to be used as a piece of decor.

My other favorite item is the fair trade scarf, which was handwoven in Thailand. It’s made from 100% cotton, and the fabric is the most gorgeous gray-blue color that makes my eyes pop! The material is soft and feels nice against your skin, and it’s lightweight enough to wear year-round. I can definitely picture myself wrapping up in it for a convertible ride or a fall picnic.

The next item in my box was a handwoven basket made from palm leaves. This product comes in assorted styles, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the one in the photo. Mine ended up being purple and tan with a houndstooth pattern, and I’ve been using it to store my crochet supplies, as it’s the perfect size to hold a ball of yarn or two and a small project. I will say it has some awkward creases from shipping, but I imagine they relax over time.

Finally, my package features a small container of cocoa powder. The jar itself is beautiful with an intricate gold design, but I was a bit confused, as the online product description made it seem like it was a hot cocoa mix.  In reality, it’s simply unsweetened cocoa powder. It was nothing a little bit of sugar couldn’t fix, but I’ll probably stick to baking with it only.

GlobeIn Subscription Features

Globein Camryn Rabideau for Taste of Home

I’ll be the first to admit that GlobeIn’s subscription format is slightly confusing, but thankfully, they have a comprehensive FAQ section that answered a lot of my questions. The main option is the Premium Subscription, which allows you to select one of the month’s themed subscription boxes (such as the Cozy Box) to receive. If you don’t like any of the boxes available, you can skip a month or customize a box with items of your choosing—the caveat here is that you only have so many credits to spend and will likely end up getting fewer items. The subscription starts at $120 for three months, which works out to $40 per month (plus shipping costs), but the price-per-box drops with longer subscriptions.

If you want the discounts without as much commitment, you can alternatively opt for a Maven Membership, which costs just $5.99 per month. This gives you the same perks as a Premium Subscription—including discounted prices and early access to new collections—but you won’t receive a monthly box.

Of course, you can also just shop the GlobeIn Artisan Shop without any membership or subscription, but items sell out quickly due to their limited quantities.


What we liked about the GlobeIn Box:

  • Several ways to shop
  • High-quality handmade goods from around the world
  • Each purchase supports artisans
  • Ability to customize monthly box


What to consider before buying a GlobeIn Box:

  • Pricing is slightly confusing
  • Shop items are frequently sold out

Final Verdict

Globein 4 AdeditCamryn Rabideau for Taste of Home

If you’re interested in giving your home an eclectic, worldly vibe while supporting small artisans, GlobeIn should definitely be on your radar. The brand’s subscription service is a great choice for anyone who wants recurring deliveries, and the products we tested were all beautiful and well-made. Just be sure to read up on the different subscription/membership options, as it can be a little confusing at first glance.

Where to Find GlobeIn

Most of the goods in the GlobeIn Artisan Shop cost between $5 and $100, with many items under $50, making it an affordable place to shop for home decor. If you decide to sign up for the Premium Box subscription, it costs $120 for three months, $222 for six months or $420 for a year. Shipping is free for your first month. After that, it costs $10/month to ship within the US.

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