This Home Decor Subscription Box Is Your Secret Weapon for a Stylish Home

Decocrated curates everything you need to create an Instagram-worthy seasonal display at home.

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Interior designers make it look so easy to put together beautiful seasonal decor, but I’ve always found it to be tricky. It’s tough to find decor that not only suits your style but also looks cohesive—especially when you’re on a budget. However, that’s where this unique home decor subscription box can help!

What Is Decocrated?

Decocrated is a quarterly subscription box that provides curated seasonal home decor items. Each box contains six to nine full-size products, including things like decorative trays, tabletop decor, throw pillow covers, table runners, small DIY projects and more.

Each box also includes a booklet with product descriptions, as well as styling tips and tricks for its items. Additionally, members get access to a Decocrated online store with additional home decorations, as well as the brand’s Facebook community, which is called “The Decocrators.”

How Much Does It Cost?

This subscription service costs $79.99 when billed quarterly, or $299.99 when billed annually (the latter option saves you $20). While $80 isn’t exactly cheap, Decocrated claims that the price of each box is well below its retail value—in other words, you’d pay more if you bought each item separately.

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Here’s a Peek at the Winter 2020 Box

Decocrated Winter 2020 Box

We wanted to see if Decocrated was as amazing as it sounds, so we tested the Winter 2020 box. Everything arrived neatly packaged in a cute box, and I felt like a kid on Christmas opening it up. Here’s what we found inside:

  • The Framed Art: A simple botanical print with a wooden frame.
  • The Sled Shelf: A cute wood and metal shelf shaped like a small sled.
  • The Winter Pillow: A reversible throw pillow cover.
  • The Village Houses: A set of four wooden tabletop decorations shaped like houses and a tree.
  • The Tabletop Calendar: A rustic wooden block desk calendar.
  • The Boho Snowflake: A geometric wooden decoration to hang on the wall.

The package also included a decor inspiration booklet, as well as a small 4×6 seasonal print that you can put on your fridge or in one of your own frames, if you want.

Everything We Loved About Decocrated

Camryn Rabideau for Taste of Home

The contents of the Decocrated box were truly adorable, and I particularly loved the Sled Shelf and Village Houses! Both of these felt like high-quality pieces that I’ll be able to use for many years to come, and while those particular items are fairly seasonal, things like the Tabletop Calendar and Framed Art could easily be used as year-round decor.

I think one of the best aspects of the Decocrated box is that all the items have a very cohesive aesthetic. The box has a color palette that’s carried across its contents, and all the wood tones match, too. This makes it truly effortless to display the pieces together, creating an incredibly pretty and curated vibe—it will look like you spent hours hunting for just the right items, when in reality, it took no time at all! Plus, the booklet includes lots of adorable images that gave me multiple ideas on how to style the pieces.

Another small (but meaningful) detail that we loved was the packaging. You can tell that Decocrated makes an effort to minimize the amount of waste that goes into shipping—items were strategically nestled inside each other and packed with recyclable materials whenever possible. It’s always nice when brands take steps to minimize their carbon footprint. (Here are some other ways you can create less waste.)

What Are the Downsides?

Winter towelCamryn Rabideau for Taste of Home

There were a few things I didn’t like about the Decocrated box, too. A few of the pieces—namely the Framed Art and Winter Pillow—felt a little cheap. I was also disappointed that the pillow didn’t include an insert. Because it’s a rectangular shape, I couldn’t even put it over one of my standard throw pillows.

Additionally, the whole box has a very rustic, farmhouse style. This wasn’t a problem for me, as most of my home has a similar aesthetic, but if your preferred design style is, say, contemporary, this box probably won’t work for you.

Would I Buy Decocrated Again?

Decocrated winter box 2020Camryn Rabideau for Taste of Home

I would definitely buy Decocrated in the future, though probably not every season. One of my main struggles with seasonal decorating is finding small pieces that look good together, and Decocrated excels in this area. I also loved that the overall style of the box matched my existing decor—however, that might not be true for everyone.

The price point is a little high, but most of the pieces were well-made and can definitely be used for years to come. Plus, if it saves me the hassle of spending hours hunting down little touches for my holiday displays, I think the expense it worth it.

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