This Idea from the Property Brothers Will Make Your All-White Kitchen Pop

Your all-white kitchens is clean and bright, but don't be afraid to add a little something extra.

When it comes to decorating our homes, we’ve all got our own preferences. Some people prefer darker cabinets and countertops while others prefer open shelves and tons of color. I’ve always been a retro color kinda girl myself. I love to see the colors in vintage appliance ads!

But what about all the lovely people out there with all-white kitchens? The Property Brothers have an idea to make your bright kitchen an even more wonderful place.

Every All-White Kitchen Needs a Pop of Color

I’ve done my fair share of binging both Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop. But one show we can’t forget about is Property Brothers. Besides being wonderful to look at, our two favorite HGTV men have a lot of great ideas to make our homes even better than before.

While answering home-related decor questions from homeowners on a live video convo, Jonathan and Drew mentioned the pros and cons of having an all-white kitchen. White is classic, clean and bright. It can bring a lot of sparkle to a room, especially if you know how to keep a white kitchen clean. But there’s one thing that can help make your white kitchen pop—some color!

Jonathan says stained wood and “illuminating yellows” can keep your space fresh and interesting. Just remember to pick items that can be easily replaced or changed—sometimes color can age poorly over time. You don’t want your kitchen feature a trend that’s on the way out.

How to Use Color in Your Kitchen

In an all-white kitchen, use black as a heavy contrast to create a new world of dimension. Consider adding a black faucet or chairs to summon depth. And cooler colors like light blues and greens can make your kitchen look softer and more natural. In more than one Property Brothers: Forever Home episode, Jonathan and Drew use two-tone cabinets to add color.  You can even try adding a vintage-inspired appliance for a new point of focus. And don’t miss these Property Brothers design ideas to help perk up your space!

Melany Love
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