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33 Fun and Festive Alternative Christmas Trees

'Tis the season to think beyond the traditional Christmas tree. Check out these picks for alternative Christmas trees from Stephanie Marchese, Taste of Home's executive director of visual production, plus easy DIY ideas to craft at home!

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Pampas Tree via

Short Pampas Grass Tree

We love pampas grass in the garden, so why not bring it indoors? The best part about this tree is that it can be a DIY project or store-bought. For an extravagant look, add sheaves of pampas grass to your Christmas tree (preferably a white one). If you’re looking for a more low-key affair, you can buy a pampas grass Christmas tree for $59.

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Brown Pampas Grass Alternative Christmas Treesvia HausofSundara/

Brown Pampas Grass Tree

This mini pampas grass tree comes in two petite sizes: 18 inches or 2 feet. Each fluffy tree is handmade and gorgeous as-is, no Christmas ornaments required.

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Pampas Grass Alternative to Christmas Treesvia PompsAndCircumstance/

White Pampas Grass Tree

This gorgeous gold and white pampas grass tree is prelit with white lights. You can set this tree in a cozy corner or hang it upside-down from the ceiling! Brace yourself for sticker shock, though—this alternative Christmas tree is $325.

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Paper And Ceramic Christmas Tree SetVia

Paper and Ceramic Christmas Tree Set

This set of paper trees and ceramic trees is the perfect amount of cute when it comes to alternative Christmas trees. The ceramic trees have a white finish and light up on the inside, while the ivory paper trees have a handmade look. The set of 6 contains 3 trees of each kind in varying sizes, making them the perfect space saver if you don’t have room for a traditional tree. Set ’em up on a mantel or as a centerpiece to add a cozy feel to your home. If you’re looking for more small trees to set up around the house, check out this succulent Christmas tree.

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christmas card treeTaste of Home

Christmas Card Tree

Using washi tape, it’s a snap to decorate a plain wall in your house with a simple Christmas tree design. As you receive them, add your holiday cards for a fun and festive display. Find more creative craft ideas to make use of your old Christmas cards.

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Acacia Wooden Ornament TreeVia

Acacia Wooden Ornament Tree

This modern wooden ornament tree is clean, minimalist and designed so beautifully, it’ll never go out of style. It’s hand-crafted from dark acacia wood and iron, and the “branches” can be arranged in any formation that you want. It’s perfect for smaller spaces, and is available in four sizes, from 7 inches up to 5 feet.

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ladder christmas treeCountry Woman

Ladder Tree

An old ladder lifts the holiday tree to new heights. Wrap twinkle lights around the legs of the ladder. Using scissors, cut varying lengths of fishing line, looping one end around the top and the steps of the ladder. Tie ornaments to the other ends, allowing them to hang in the open space between the two sides of the ladder. Psst—we found the best Christmas market in every state!

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Star Silhouette Christmas Tree

This silhouette Christmas tree comes with cut out stars, so you don’t even need ornaments. All you have to do is thread your lights through the cutouts and voila—you’ve got a beautiful holiday centerpiece. It’s made from sustainably sourced birch and consists of two pieces that slot together for easy setup so you have plenty of time to watch Christmas movies on Netflix.

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rustic christmas treeTaste of Home

Rustic Christmas Tree

Ask the kids to gather sticks and twigs from the yard for this earthy decoration. Glue to a rectangular piece of barnwood or rustic wood for the background, and attach star-shaped wood cutouts and decorative snowflakes. These DIY holiday gifts won’t break the bank, either.

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Green Bottlebrush TreesVia

Green Bottlebrush Trees

Want to make a tabletop holiday forest? Look no further than these green bottlebrush trees. Each set of 4 comes in assorted shades of green and is available in 9.5-inch and 16-inch sizes. You can set up the quartet together or dot them around the house to brighten things up.

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Hanging Christmas Tree

If you want some extra-festive decor for your walls, this hanging Christmas tree with bullfinches fits the bill. It’s just the perfect amount of homey, made of driftwood that resembles branches, with pine cones, ornaments and brightly colored birds, all topped off with a woven red star.

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Brown Snow Star Christmas TreeVia

Skinny Christmas Tree

If you tend toward minimalism when it comes to decor, you’ll want to snap up this star-topped Christmas tree ASAP. Its slender branches are perfect for small spaces, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning up pine needles—real or fake. The best part? It comes with 144 pre-lit LEDs, so you don’t have to buy separate Christmas lights, and it’s only $91. Don’t forget to pick up some Christmas candles for more holiday feels.

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Oak Christmas Tree

If you’re looking for a smallwooden tree, this oak Christmas tree is a great option. It’s handmade out of sustainably forested English oak, and available in a variety of sizes ranging from 2 feet to 6 feet. The “branches” can be arranged into a flat or circular shape.

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Wooden Ornament TreeVia

Wooden Ornament Tree

If you’re looking for a really, really small wooden tree, this wooden ornament tree is the one for you. It’s made of light-toned mango wood and holds up to 24 ornaments, making it perfect for small spaces like a dining table, desk or coffee table. If a full-size tree can’t fit your space, set this up to show off your favorite ornaments.

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Pre Lit Wall Hanging Christmas TreeVia

Wall Hanging Christmas Tree

Did someone say “deconstructed”? This wall-hanging Christmas tree gives you all the cheer of the holidays with plenty of soft pre-lit lights—without the mess of branches. It’s perfect for people who have a more modern, contemporary style. There’s no assembly or ornaments required, either—just hang it up wherever you want to add some Christmas spirit. You can still pile up the gifts under it—like a set from the Bath and Body Works Christmas collection.

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Tiny Tinsel TreeVia

Tiny Tinsel Tree

It isn’t Christmas without tinsel! If you’re looking to add a dose of traditional Christmas cheer, this small, shiny silver tree will perk up a room with no problem at all. It’s only available as a miniature, so if you’re hoping for the full-size version, you might have to look elsewhere—but at about $40, it’s a great deal. Find more Christmas traditions from around the world.

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Nostalgic Christmas TreeVia

Nostalgic Christmas Tree

Didn’t every mom display one of these in the ’70s? If you can’t get your hands on the real crafty deal, this ceramic Christmas tree is the next best thing. The vintage-inspired 18-inch tree gets an upgrade with LED lights and an illuminated shiny star on top, but with a classic touch—it’s entirely hand-painted. You can find this one at Costco and plenty of other retailers.

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Christmas Cactus

This Christmas cactus pays homage to its Southwestern cousins in the cutest way possible. It’s shaped just like a cactus but completely made from faux pine needles, making this one of the cutest alternative Christmas trees you can get this holiday season. While it doesn’t look so big, this tree is actually six feet tall and comes equipped with ornaments, lights and that big yellow bow. Here’s when to take your Christmas tree down each year.

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Snowing Christmas Tree

Not only does this tree promise a white Christmas in the comfort of your own home, but it plays a tune to go along with your new blanket of snow. This snowing Christmas tree stands about 6 feet tall and really is black and silver. You can pick one up from Home Depot (or have it delivered for extra convenience) for around $200 this holiday season. That’s a steal for a tree this cool, don’t you agree?

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Wall Mounted Christmas Treevia

Wall-Mounted Tree

If you’ve ever lived in a small space, you know how tough decking the halls for Christmas can be. This wall-mounted tree is super easy to set up—all you have to do is find some space on your wall, hang it up and decorate. This tree is ideal for any apartment or house with limited space or any designer who prefers Christmas minimalism.

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Rainbow Tree Via

Rainbow Tree

Be proud this holiday season (or any time of year) with a gorgeous rainbow tree from Walmart. This beautiful tree stands at around 7 feet tall and starts with a brilliant blue and violet base that transforms into all the colors of the rainbow. You can snag this tree for about $90 right now—that’s more than $50 off the retail price!

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Red TreeVia

Red Tree

Does anything brighten up the room like a red tree? We just can’t help feeling festive with this beautiful, crimson tree in the living room. Because red is such a gorgeous (albeit unusual) color for alternative Christmas trees, these are selling fast at Walmart right now.

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handsaw christmas treeCountry Woman

Handsaw Tree

When saws grow worn from cutting down the annual tree, forego the greenery and hang them as a festive focal point. Embellish with ribbon or other decorations, or add sparkle with a strand of mini LED lights (tuck the mini battery pack behind the saws to hide it).  Don’t miss these cute winter crafts that add cheer to your home.

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tomatoe cage christmas treeCountry Woman

Tomato Cage Tree

If you’re looking for natural alternative Christmas trees, this tomato cage Christmas tree is an inexpensive decoration that will delight wildlife. Turn your tomato cage upside down and cover with fresh greenery, securing it with twine. Arrange and trim with pruners. Decorate with cranberries, unsalted and unbuttered popcorn, birdseed ornaments, peanut butter-coated pine cones, and a suet cage. Secure tree to the ground with stakes or bricks. Next, check out these adorable DIY Christmas wreath ideas.

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tea cup christmas tree Country Woman

Winter Wonderland Teacup

Build a magical winter fairy garden in your vintage teacups. It’s so easy, and anything goes! Look for tiny trees from model train sets, dollhouse miniatures or ceramic figures from thrift and antique shops. Fill each cup with marbles and cover with artificial moss. Then decorate with accents and sprinkle with artificial snow. Here are more fun ways to repurpose your vintage teacups.

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Country Woman table top christmas treeCountry Woman

Tabletop Tannenbaum

Use odds and ends too pretty to toss to form a set of sparkly Christmas trees. Build your tree shape with repurposed antique finds, starting with the larger items on the bottom, working up to smaller pieces at the top to create a conical shape. Use drops of industrial glue to adhere pieces, pressing firmly until set. Top each tree with a decorative topper, using glue to adhere. You’ll love these vintage Christmas decorations, too.

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Pincone TreesCountry Woman

Pine Cone Tree

Pine cones mimic their parent conifers in these tabletop designs. Spray-paint pine cones with green paint. Dry completely. Fill pots or votive candleholders with crumpled tissue paper. Insert pine cone trees into the bases, and adhere with hot glue. Spray paint decorative stars if desired. Allow to dry and adhere with hot glue. Learn how to make a DIY advent calendar with a muffin tin.

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paper treesCountry Woman

Pretty Paper Tree

Gather 12-inch square scrapbook papers (or leftover wrapping paper) and glue for this project. Cut paper into multiple 1 inch by 2 inch rectangles. Set aside one half of one sheet to make a cone for the treetop. With a hot glue gun, affix a horizontal row of paper rectangles from the bottom edge of the cone. Continue forming rows, leaving bottom ends free. Slightly bend loose ends upward to create dimension.

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christmas craftsCountry Woman

Grapevine Cone Tree

Wrap burlap ribbon around a grapevine cone. Accent with red twine, dried fruit slices, faux berries and a star cut out of burlap or cardstock. Use hot glue to adhere and let dry thoroughly, or leave unadorned for a simple look.

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jewlery treeDan Roberts/Country Woman

Jewelry Tree

Adorn your tabletop with a shimmering tree of jewelry! Cover a green foam cone with glitter spray paint; let dry. Glue strands of costume pearls around cone for garland, and pin brooches for tree ornaments. If using clip-on earrings, remove clips with pliers before attaching to tree. Glue a large brooch to the top of the cone as a tree topper. Stand your tree on a candlestick to show it off on your table or mantle. This is what Christmas looked like the year you were born.

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ornament treeDan Roberts/Country Woman

Ornament Tree

Shiny ball ornaments don’t have to trim the tree—they can be the tree! This one hangs in a frame with a 10- by 13-inch opening. For each row of the tree, lay a wire piece horizontally across the back of the opening. Use a staple gun to tack one wire end to the frame, string on ornaments and staple the other end. Secure the staples with a mallet and bend the wire ends over the staples Add a bow as the tree topper. Learn how to make the best-ever gift basket for a crafter.

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family tree christmas Country Woman

Family Tree

Use bare wall space to hang small picture frames in the shape of a Christmas tree. You’ll create a heartwarming family tree of memories to enjoy all season long.

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teacher tree Country Woman

Favorite Teacher Tree

Teachers will love this festive tree. The stacked wooden blocks are covered with black chalkboard paint, so you can write on them with chalk. Paint the other sides green and brown, distress the edges and add crackle paint medium to the trunk. The wooden star is painted black, covered with crackle paint medium and yellow paint, and attached to the top block of the tree with large-gauge wire.

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