14 Fabulous Front Door Colors That Will Welcome Your Guests

Updated: Apr. 01, 2024

Grab your brush and get to work! These eye-catching door paint colors will turn your house into a home.

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Rust Oleum Cranberry Door Paint Via Amazon.com


If you want a tamer alternative to bright and classic red, give rich cranberry a try. Jewel-toned colors, like this one, present an elegance that can’t be matched. While this color is gorgeous throughout any season, it really shines during the fall to winter months, especially when adorned with a cranberry branch wreath.

Make sure to follow these expert painting tips when working on your door!

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 Rust Oleum Door Paint Vermont Green Via Amazon.com

Forest Green

Escape into the woods without leaving your home by painting your door a sophisticated forest green. While I’m sure you can picture this color on the front door of a log cabin, this paint color gives even suburban homes a nature-y feel. Plant a few outdoor plants and bushes along your entryway to make your home feel like a cottage in the woods.

Botanical greens are one of Joanna Gaines’ favorite paint colors!

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Modern Masters Calm Front Door Paint Via Amazon.com


Splash something unexpected on your front door with a few coats of indigo door paint. Indigo provides major curb appeal while being easy on the eyes. This color will stand out from the rest and works well on practically any home style.

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Magnolia Home By Joanna Gaines Terracotta Via Acehardware.com


Classic orange can feel a little Halloween-y as a front door color. Muted terracotta is a better option that’ll make your guests feel welcome. (And this color gives a nod to the boho eras of the 60s and 70s!) While terracotta looks stunning in many settings, we think this color really shines on beige or brick homes.

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Modern Masters Serene Front Door Paint Via Amazon.com

Give your vintage home a new coat of paint with navy. Navy doors fit right into traditional-style homes like colonial and Cape Cod. It’s a nice change of pace from black while giving your home that needed contrast. Navy provides a fun nautical feel while remaining a classic door color. It’s one of the colors to choose when painting the interior, too.

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Best Beige Satin Exterior Latex Paint Via Homedepot.com

Contrary to popular belief, beige is not blah—if it’s done right. Sandy, neutral beige is a dependable color and an easy go-to for stone-sided and cream-colored homes. It also provides a beautiful foundation for front door decorations and wreaths (and you won’t have to worry about it clashing with holiday-themed decor).

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Modern Masters Happy Yellow Front Door Paint Via Amazon.com


There’s nothing more welcoming than a cheery yellow. Not only is this color bright itself, but it emits feelings of happiness and positivity, too. Yellow is a must-try paint color for blue-toned homes, especially navy. Here’s a tip: Hang creeping ivy above the entryway to draw even more eyes to your bright door.

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Sky Blue Satin Enamel Exterior Paint & Primer Via Homedepot.com

Sky Blue

Sky blue brings on the charm factor to the classic white picket fence home. I mean, there truly isn’t anything quite as breathtaking on a vividly white home. This color transforms a state-of-the-art door into a clean, almost glistening, doorway.

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Rust Oleum Door Paint Black Via Amazon.com

Deep Black

All-black doors add beautiful contrast to lightly-painted homes. (Just think of it paired with a white colonial-style home—it doesn’t get classier than that!) A chalkboard welcome sign blends in well with this paint color and adds a fun touch. On the flip side, black fits the bill for contemporary homes, too.

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1 Qt Modern Masters Ambitious Red Front Door Paint Via Amazon.com

Bright Red

Red invokes more emotions than any other color on the color wheel. Bright red is the color of power, energy and passion. So if you want to make a bold statement, go bright red. This color looks smashing on navy, black, white and brick.

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1 Qt Modern Masters Spiritual Purple Front Door Paint Via Amazon.com

Dark Purple

Want to feel like royalty when you walk in your front door? Deep, dark purple has symbolized luxury and wealth for centuries. This color dresses up traditional front doors and adds the finishing “wow” statement on arched doorways—especially on all-brick houses.

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The One Paint & Primer Cobalt Via Amazon.com


Striking cobalt is the ultimate happy medium between dark navy and sky blue. It’s bright, but not overbearing. Cobalt blue inspires and creates a calming, peaceful atmosphere. This blue shade compliments brick, stone and textured homes.

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Rust Oleum Door Paint White Via Amazon.com

Cloud White

When you want a clean slate to work with, there’s always white. White never goes out of style and gives your door a sleek, clean feel to it. You can also use it as a foundation to add pops of color by hanging signs and greenery. Avoid this color if your home is already painted white, but this color practically pairs with any color or material.

Can’t find the perfect shade of white? Paint the inside of your home with one of the Property Brothers’ favorite paint colors: Cloud White. And be sure to follow these Property Brothers painting tips, too.