Back to School Recipes

Arm yourself with grab-and-go breakfasts, make-ahead lunches and healthy school snacks you know your kids will love. Then, let our easy dinners come to the rescue after a long day.

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    21 Back-to-School Meal Planning Ideas

    Getting back into a routine can be rough! These back-to-school meal planning ideas are full of tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes—all with five ingredients or fewer.

    43 Cafeteria Copycat Recipes That’ll Take You Back

    From sloppy joes to tapioca pudding, these cafeteria food copycat recipes will bring you right back...

    40 Healthy Snacks for Kids

    Snack time can be fun and good for you, too! This collection of healthy snacks for kids includes recipes like avocado dip...

    Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

    4 reviews

    These chocolate-covered pretzels came from my grandma who loves to make candy and treats for my students. I have followed...

    42 Cold Lunch Ideas

    These cold lunch ideas are delicious and hearty! No refrigerator or microwave needed.

    20 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Ideas You Haven’t Tried Yet

    Go beyond the classic with these creative peanut butter and jelly sandwich ideas perfect for kids—and kids at heart.

    Ketolicious Cheesy Biscuits with Turkey Sausage

    1 review

    If you're craving serious comfort food, this sammy is for you. The keto-friendly breakfast of homemade biscuits and turkey sausage...

    The Walmart Back-to-School Sale Is Here and It’s Time to Stock Up

    The Walmart Back-to-School Sale has unbeatable deals starting at just 15 cents. It's the best time of year to load...

    Easy Tamale Pie with Peppers

    2 reviews

    My family loves anything with southwestern flavor, so this recipe is a big hit. It's super quick and easy to...

    Cafe Rio Copycat Pork Bowls

    My friends are big fans of Cafe Rio's sweet pork tacos, so I came up with this version to eat...

    30 Personalized Teacher Gifts to Show You Care

    Educators work incredibly hard. Show your thanks with these personalized teacher gifts. We have ideas for sweet treats, practical supplies...

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    29 Types of Chocolate Chip Cookies You’re Not Baking (Yet!)

    It's hard to resist a chocolate chip cookie. Whether you like them soft or crisp, here are the different types...

    Stojo Jr. Containers Are Here to Save the Day for Back to School

    The new Stojo Jr. containers are reusable, collapsible, stackable and leakproof little wonders you'll want to add to your lunch...

    13 Insulated Lunch Bags to Bring to Work or School

    Lunchtime doesn't have to be boring with these insulated lunch bags. We have ideas for both kids and adults!

    15 Back-to-School Gifts for Grade Schoolers

    Celebrate the start of a new year with these creative back-to-school gifts for kids. We have ideas that are practical,...

    15 College Care Package Ideas for Homesick Students

    From sentimental gifts to treats and goodies, these college care packages will make the new school year a success.

    39 Sack Lunch Ideas for September

    Forget about plain ol' PB & J! Head back to school (or work!) with these tasty and filling sack lunch...

    19 Back-to-School Gifts for High Schoolers

    New school year, new supplies. Cross something fun off of your teen's wish list with these back-to-school gifts for students.

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    50 Easy School Dinner Recipes with Just 5 Ingredients

    When the calendar starts getting cluttered, your family's still gotta eat. These easy school dinner recipes rely on just

    11 Old-School Lunch Boxes That’ll Take You Back

    Feeling nostalgic? These old-school lunch box classics will hit all the right notes.

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    9 Easy Home Science Experiments for Kids

    At-home science experiments for kids are easy when you can use items you already have on hand. Get ready for...

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    Slow-Cooker Monkey Bread

    3 reviews

    I often take this slow-cooker monkey bread to church potlucks—children and adults alike love it! The rum extract is optional....

    Peanut Butter and Jelly Cheesecake

    I wanted to make something based on my friend's love of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This cheesecake recipe has...

    10 Back to School Ideas That’ll Get Your Kids Excited

    Are your kids bummed about the end of summer? These back-to-school ideas will get them excited to go back.

    Back-to-School Survival Kit Ideas for Kids from Kindergarten to College

    These are the handy items to pack in a back-to-school survival kit that your student will rely on day after...

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    21 Recipes for People Who Really, Really Love French Fries

    Take your french fries to a whole new level with these snack, side and main dish recipes.

    This Easy Hostess Cupcake Recipe Is Perfect to Make with Kids

    Make lunch extra special by baking a homemade version of the classic Hostess Cupcake.

    18 Healthy Breakfasts for Kids They’ll Actually Want to Eat

    Is it hard to get your little one excited for a healthy breakfast? Worry no more!

    10 of the Best Snacks for School

    Lunchboxes, playgrounds, and classrooms call for sweet and salty treats packed with love. Check out our favorite snacks for school.

    60 Healthy Lunches for Kids

    Feel good about the items you're adding to your kiddo's lunchbox with these healthy lunches for kids. Along with mains,...

    64 Cookies Just Right for Back to School

    Make going back to school sweeter with these cookie recipes. Ingredients include late-season fruits and veggies for an extra boost!